Civil Aviation Bureau of publicizing the civil airport flight procedures and operation management

Civil Aviation Bureau of publicizing the "civil airport flight procedures and the lowest standard regulations" – Beijing, the latest revision of the "civil airport flight procedures and the lowest standard management regulations" (CCAR-97FS-R3, hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") will come into force on January 1, 2017. Compared with before the amendment, the "Regulations" to achieve the change from technical regulations to administrative rules. In November 8th, the CAA Flight Standards Division held the implementation of video conference in Beijing, and the implementation of the "Regulations" the work requirements, to pay more attention to the new regulations, to implement, do follow-up supervision work. The "provision" a total of eight chapters 46, including general principles, proposed the design and operation of flight procedures minimum standard flight procedures and the lowest standard for approval, check, test and publish, use and maintenance, flight procedures design units and personnel management, supervision and inspection, legal liability and supplementary provisions etc.. At the same time will not involve the management principles of specific technical standards from the "Regulations" in the peel, alone with the technical specification and advisory circular form, for the future of timely revision, and ensure the seriousness and long-term applicability of regulations. The Civil Aviation Bureau on 1991 issued the "regulations and implementation of airport operation minimum standards" (No. 20), revised in 2001 20 orders were issued with the implementation of "Regulations" minimum standards for aircraft airport operation (No. 98), the 2003 second revision 98 orders were issued with the implementation of "Regulations for aviation airport operation" (Minimum Standards No. 119). At the time of the basic civil aviation integrated operation of historical conditions, the above three provisions not only realized the flight procedures and operation with the minimum standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization comprehensive standards, but also to the vital role to improve the overall level of civil aviation safety operation. In order to adapt to the new situation of civil aviation deepening the reform of the system, the Civil Aviation Bureau of Flight Standards Division from 2011 to start the revision work. Civil aviation authority will be held in November a phase of the provisions of the special training, the implementation of the rules of the seminar. Next year, the organization will also be organized to carry out flight program design training. At the same time, the civil aviation authority will supervise the management system (FSOP) system through the flight standard area of the various regulatory authorities of the flight program design units, airport management agencies and other administrative counterparts to carry out supervision and inspection.相关的主题文章: