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"Coffee Venice storm" won the praise of interpretation than human feelings – Sohu like "coffee entertainment storm" Venice Film Festival poster director Christian Li Yimo and actress China Broadcom nano articles in Belgium and Italy actors to attend the 73 Venice Film Festival Red Carpet [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news recently, the movie "coffee storm" in the Venice film the harvest festival of praise, the film side revealed that the film is expected to be released in china. The film by Italy director Christian – directed by Tan Zhuo, Broadcom Na, lufangsheng, Li Yimo, Dahl starring Mazo rice in Ruian. Three stories that have happened in different countries, but they are intertwined with each other. The film has removed China, Italy, Belgium three viewfinder, and in every region and local production team cooperation mode, both novel and challenges. The first Italian Coproductions won praise Venice, Venice local time on September 3rd, director Christian with actress Li Yimo, China Na Broadcom Italy actor Enio – Fanta Nigeria, Belgian actor Ken pisticci de bouvault etc. all creative attended the seventy-third Venice Film Festival Red carpet. "Coffee" storm also followed the "Venice day" screenings, the harvest good reputation, which is the worldwide debut. The film director – Christian (Cristiano Bortone), Broadcom won the film "hear heaven" was the first Rome Film Festival the Italy Film Awards — the highest award for David, and at the St Paul International Film Festival, Toronto Film Festival, Montreal Film Festival more than and 20 International Film Festival won important awards; 2013, Broadcom Na began to teach at Beijing Film Academy in China, teaching and life experience to help him to understand the China culture. Speaking why coffee as the story link, director Christian Broadcom Na said: "I think the coffee elements establish story poetry, coffee has a different symbol in different countries, and the taste of this element is a very powerful tool, it can convey different content, emotion, ideas and so on." The big story of "coffee storm" sweeping the global film tells the story of three moving, they occur in different parts of the world but also inextricably linked. Belgium, Hammond is a pawnshop owner, in a protest against the economic crisis in the riot, he cherish the coffee pot stolen. Hammond found the stolen coffee pot, but he did not think his life will soon threaten; Italy, Renzo is a ebullience barista, when Lucia learned that his wife was pregnant, in order to maintain their livelihood, he joined a coffee rush into danger of robbery, but things are not in accordance with the development trend of China, he expected; young Ren Fei was sent to solve the Yunnan plant accident, he encounters a mysterious young female artist, and learned to face life…… In the context of global issues such as ethnic conflicts, economic crisis and ecological problems, the film shows the different cultural background through the struggle between the small and the fate.相关的主题文章: