Comments received stock index fell nearly 1900 shares fell 0.57% gaosongzhuan strong contrarian

Comments received: stock index fell nearly 1900 shares fell 0.57% gaosongzhuan concept strong contrarian hot column capital flows thousands thousand shares rating stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to help guide the stock masters 20 years experience in Sina veteran financial news August 25th news, Thursday in early trading, Shanghai and Shenzhen two tiaokongdikai, the market a recent high adjustment pattern, after opening quickly killed, in recent days the strong stocks become the main battlefield of the main funds sold, only brokerage stocks and shares of steel and other weight plates to support the market, but with little success. Afternoon opening, the concept of high transfer potential, the overall trend of the three major stock index rebounded. At the close, the stock index at 3068.33 points, down 0.57%, Shenzhen component index reported 10679.15 points, or 0.76%, entrepreneurship blackboard 2180.66 points, or 0.53%, two city shares fell nearly 1900. The Shanghai stock market trading volume, turnover of 200 billion 900 million yuan, turnover of 310 billion 200 million yuan in Shenzhen, today the two cities a total turnover of 511 billion 100 million yuan, compared with yesterday increased. On the disk, the concept of high transfer, iron and steel, brokerage, time shares and other sector gainers, cross-border electricity providers, Internet lottery, shipping, real estate development, etc.. Plate in the middle of 2016 high transfer of listed companies has been the focus of the market, gaosongzhuan concept pulled up in the afternoon, the pagoda, Wu Tong entertainment, Industrial Holdings, Huangshanghuang limit 4 shares, Ming joint, Tianrun number of entertainment, purple Xin Pharmaceutical stocks among the biggest gainers. Steel plate to intensive production capacity, strong contrarian, steel Minguang rose more than 5%, Shougang shares rose more than 4% of new shares, River Steel shares, shares and other stocks were among the biggest gainers. Shenzhen Tong to accelerate the work, brokerage stocks eye-catching performance, the Pacific led shares rose nearly 6%, the state securities, Kam Lung shares, first capital stocks among the biggest gainers. Outlook: Huatai Securities stock index today affected by this news Tiaokong Dikaidizou, after covering the last Monday’s upward gap, compared with the previous trading day volume has been enlarged, more prominent after the performance of vanadium battery plate in the steel industry, the brokerage concept, the rest of the plate movements is unsatisfactory, the overall impression of a panic in the mood spread unceasingly, to support the short-term funding approach, trading of stock index decline narrowed. From the analysis of K-line stock index fell below last Monday’s big line, there are needs to seek support, the first line of defense, we take the 34 day moving average is a basis, to see the 3036 – point support; the second line of defense we can support 60 days, when the support index fell below the 60 day moving average later, in order to determine the market began to decline. We remind investors in bad stimulation and do not break down in technical position, there is no need to stop to leave the flesh, because the overall trend has not any change, investors only need to control the position, waiting for the right opportunity to lower back, rolling operation can be done. Aviation Securities: the rapid decline in the two cities today in the picture opened low, 9:37 started out on相关的主题文章: