Communication College focused on the achievements of the industry expo wisdom of integration and

Communication: University achievements debut Expo brilliant wisdom of integration and innovation – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, November 2: university achievement debut Expo brilliant wisdom integration and innovation of the China News Agency reporter Chen Jing Chinese health service robot "medicine" and to ensure the safety of long-span bridges, the original core technology fire facilities to access the Internet "smart fire perception series products"…… Is being held here in the eighteenth session of the Chinese international industrial fair, nearly 700 projects in 69 universities from inside and outside of the extraordinary splendor in the exhibition. It is reported that one of the 15 colleges and universities to get the project awards. Among them, Tongji University’s "long span bridge structure and driving wind resistant aerodynamic control technology" won the gold medal. According to the information disclosed by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the current industry fair, a large number of colleges and universities scientific and technological innovation in public display. Fudan University’s "fiber drawing tower with high efficiency ultraviolet LED light curing system, effectively solve the imported products of large power consumption, insufficient irradiance and its short service life, can save more than 80% energy. Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s "walrus – 1500 m ROV underwater operation system", is Chinese domestic independent research and development of the first 1500 meters deep-water oil and gas engineering and maintenance for large ROV system, solved the complex underwater environment equipment maintenance problems cannot be detected. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s "Chinese robot", through the acquisition of human daily health data, objective and quantitative analysis, provide health care and rehabilitation professional and accurate for people, provides a new solution to the medical wisdom. According to reports, the Expo also focused on the introduction of the outstanding achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship in universities, more than 50 college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects showcase. Nanjing Agricultural University for agricultural information acquisition of small quadruped robot ", Northwestern Polytechnical University" small unmanned underwater vehicle"…… In addition through layers of selection from participating in talent shows itself innovation project, the national "Challenge Cup" and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission "Huichuang youth excellent works exhibition" will also come to help". On the same day, Chinese medicine health service robot – big medical greetings to visitors. Big medicine constantly changing smiling face to the audience, attracted a lot of attention. Many viewers curious on the big medical screen for health testing and interactive quiz and other operations, and then get a health report. Big medicine will also be based on health identification report to give personalized health care program. Chinese medicine health service robot big doctor R & D is a team of experts led by Professor Yang Huayuan, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yang Huayuan told reporters, big doctor is the most important feature of human-computer interaction, the user health identification and personalized health management. According to reports, the researchers are also developing a small family of Chinese medicine health service robot – sincerity to achieve pension care, health care, emotional care. On the same day, developed by the bridge expert Ge Yaojun professor at the Tongji University College of civil engineering of the large span bridge to ensure the safety of the three original core technology gains in 2016 Chinese International Industrial Expo)相关的主题文章: