Confucius is how to face high

Confucius is how to face high prices? Original title: Confucius is how to face high prices? | glacier observation Author: Ren big source: public number "glacier think tank" this wave continued for almost a year as one falls, another rises, prices rise, or will be in the history of a pen. Chinese official records are the emperor family housing, they never had any problem. Prices are not on the table in the history, only scattered in inadvertently brought a pen. For example, the poet Bai Juyi with his poems to literary heavyweights Gukuang, Gukuang looked at his name, and then look at his face, casually to the sentence: "the price of your home, also Fuyi." In other words, living in Changan, eating expensive things, prices are not cheap. Although this is a joke, it is understandable. Changan in the Tang Dynasty, is the world’s only international metropolis, should be higher than the current status of New York, accordingly, the relative cost of living should be higher than the current New York. Tang Dynasty poet, probably equivalent to the current Internet practitioners, where they are all open to eat. Bai Juyi not only got the identity of civil servants, but also proficient in the Internet, but he wants to buy a house, still not easy. Bai Juyi’s approach is to the eastern suburbs of Changan rented four hut, riding to work every day, after ten years, still did not save enough money to buy a house in downtown. Later in the satellite city of Weinan is now equivalent to buy a house, usually live in the unit, holiday home. Layout of Changan city. In the Song Dynasty, the problem of high prices still exist. Ou Yangxiu in the central work for many years, has been rented in the alley. Su Zhe later to Xuchang, spent most of his life savings, sell a collection of books, built more than 100 large courtyard house. In fact, since ancient times, new houses, most of the largest family is always one of the things most of the time, the potential impact of the economic behavior of a family, even bigger than weddings. However, Chinese especially ancient Qin and Han Dynasties, in addition to the individual time, Confucianism from orthodoxy to political system, has been highly praised by the rulers, however, so many scholars, and there’s no one when pointing out how to deal with this is more important than marriage thing, I had from the founder of Confucianism Confucius, on his what is the view of the housing problem, to make up for the deficiency of the political system. Confucius’s income is not a problem to buy housing, first of all to understand the income of Confucius. Confucius’s ancestors are the song’s monarch, a very prominent family, but after the ten generation, has been declining, Confucius has been poor, low social status. Once, the young Confucius wanted to go to the big brother Lu Ji sun held by Party, the results have not entered the gate by security captain Yang Hu stopped, said the US is a personage, did not invite you. Confucius made no face, legs. Confucius was stimulated, unusually hard, mastered the "ceremony" knowledge, accumulated a little fame, and gradually have some income. There is a strong correlation between the income of social activists and fame, and Confucius is no exception. Confucius’s income mainly has two parts, one is the Wei相关的主题文章: