Congo (DRC) riots in the capital to upgrade dozens of Chinese shops looted t6670

Congo (DRC) riots in the capital to upgrade dozens of Chinese shops robbed Kinshasa of Xinhua News Agency on 20 September, (reporter Wang Songyu) in Congo (gold) the capital of the riots in Kinshasa in 20 days continued to upgrade. The headquarters of the largest opposition party was set to fire, killing 3 people. Including dozens of Chinese shops, local shops were looted, at present no Chinese casualties. Xinhua News Agency reporters on the scene saw the evening of 19, Congo (DRC) largest opposition Democratic and social progress alliance headquarters was arson, the next day at the scene found the bodies of 3 victims, another 2 people were seriously injured. It is understood that from 19 onwards, dozens of Chinese shops were besieged and asked for rescue. Under the assistance of the local overseas Chinese groups, more than 100 people have been safely transferred, but shops looted. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 200 people trapped. Chinese in Congo (DRC) embassy announced that at 19, a total of more than 20 Chinese shops were smashed and looted some of them trapped, no casualties. Consulate General of the Chinese Embassy called for the transfer of dangerous areas to safe areas. Because of the presidential election postponed, Congo (gold) the opposition held in Kinshasa 19 mass demonstrations, demanding the government held a presidential election, thousands of demonstrators clashed with police, causing casualties. According to the constitution, Congo (DRC) should be held in September 20th presidential election, but the Electoral Commission should be completed before the electoral roll update, so the election must be postponed. The move was an opposition protest. Editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: