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Countries want to hit the Northeast 1 trillion and 600 billion good economy? Officials: Department of misreading the original title: the state wants to hit the Northeast 1 trillion and 600 billion good economy? Official: Department of misreading recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued "to promote the revitalization of the three year rolling plan of northeast old industrial base (2016-2018)", the annual clear focus on the work of 137 plan to boost economy in Northeast China and 127 major projects. This article was issued, the parties have interpreted. In the cause of all aspects of great concern at the same time, the emergence of the state has given the Northeast 1 trillion and 600 billion interpretation. 1 trillion and 600 billion where does this number come from? According to the "China Economic Herald" reported on August 24th, the national development and Reform Commission Promotion Department official said, this statement is misreading. The first proposed 1 trillion and 600 billion this is the development and Reform Commission, northeast and other old industrial base revitalization Secretary Zhou Jianping. In May 10th, the strategy of revitalizing the press conference on a new round of the old industrial bases in Northeast China has introduced the development and Reform Commission Secretary Zhou Jianping to revitalize the northeast old industrial base, the rolling plan for nearly three years in the preliminary plan of more than and 130 projects, involving an investment of 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan. The revitalization of our responsible person: one-sided interpretation even misreading for folk interpretation, the revitalization of our responsible person, the so-called "country to the Northeast 1 trillion and 600 billion" interpretation, whether from the content or the amount, are one-sided interpretation or even misunderstanding. First, focus on the "implementation plan" is the 137 major tasks to be implemented in 2016-2018, based on these tasks by deepening reform and opening up of the Northeast Revival, started construction of 127 projects with these tasks. Secondly, the investment on the amount of expression is not accurate, the 127 project is rolling implementation, the estimated total investment of about 1 more than 1 trillion, and not all of the national investment. Official said that the so-called "1 trillion and 600 billion", not the full investment by the state, but not a transfusion type of capital investment. The 127 major projects put forward by the "implementation plan", including investment funds, local government matching funds and state subsidies. Moreover, specific projects must be submitted for approval in accordance with the investment approval procedures, different areas, different sectors of the project funded proportion is not the same. Projects involving people’s livelihood and public infrastructure projects, the state will give appropriate subsidies. Responsible person further explained that the 127 major projects not only relates to the field of excess capacity, do not sprinkle black pepper type in various fields to expand investment, but focus on key areas, key support for the Northeast People’s livelihood and infrastructure loans, and other areas of North China enhance rapid access ability, accelerate the new industrial foundation, the potential demand of the development in Northeast china. What exactly does the implementation plan say? "Implementation plan" proposed in 2016 -2018 started construction of Northeast China has an important impact on global, can effectively make up the short board and major projects to foster new energy, a total of 127 (including 2016 62, 2017 33 into相关的主题文章: