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COZY STEPS smart enough snow boots started War Winter Fashion lead: COZY STEPS was born in 1994, is recognized as the comfort footwear experts, is the world’s few fully achieve the integration of resources one of the brands of leather from raw material production, to design and manufacture, each link by COZY STEPS direct supervision. COZY STEPS’s product lines include: leisure series, business series, sports series, snow boots series, children’s series and handbags, clothing series, also won the reputation of the consumers continue to create sales miracle at the same time. Smart series boots in the autumn and winter of 2016, as a leader in the field of COZY STEPS snow boots, with high-end design, high-quality raw materials and exquisite production process, the pinnacle of achievement ugg boots, snow boots are smart, started to defend the war. "I’m good enough" is not only the COZY STEPS brand and fashion statement, but also the promotion of lifestyle and the pursuit of comfort. The quality of Australian Merino Lamb Leather is the core standard to judge a pair of boots or leather, determines the quality and comfort of the snow boots. COZY STEPS smart boots boots all raw materials from australia. This "riding on the sheep’s back country" climate richly endowed by nature to nurture high quality wool in the world, while COZY STEPS only selected superior lamb — Merino sheep fur a lamb. Create a comfortable walking alone? Life art COZY STEPS all leather tanning technology advanced by ecological process, and won the Chinese only a BLC international environmental protection gold certification. What’s more, COZY STEPS is one of the standards of Chinese snow boots. The skin soft, fine hair tight and environmental health is COZY STEPS choose the material’s exacting standards. The quality of a pair of smart boots from the beginning of the raw materials, so that each of them wearing smart snow boots, can feel the delicate and soft fur to bring the warmth of the embrace, such as SPA and soft and comfortable. Integrated shoemaking technology? Enjoy a comfortable walking and healthy life 3D tree and the double color sole, make extraordinary comfort and avant-garde fashion shoe last is the core part, it not only determines the shoe shape and style, but also determines whether the shoe fits. Today, COZY STEPS and the world’s largest shoe last company to cooperate in the production, and the use of advanced digital technology 3D, makes every pair of COZY STEPS smart boots could have fit feet, let each walk are comfortable enough and carefree. Flexible sole is worth mentioning is that, COZY STEPS boots boots boots are used more lightweight, flexible and non slip polyurethane material. This material is known for its extraordinary flexibility and has a resilience of up to 70%.相关的主题文章: