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Double eleven Crazy: "promotional messages received more than the Spring Festival" Tmall double 11 big promotion to the party scene, 1 hours, with sales over 35 billion 300 million photo reporter Wang Sisi Legal Evening News (reporter Wang Sisi) once a year "double 11" Shopping Festival struck again. Webcast, limited spike, online and offline linkage…… Alibaba data show that sixth minutes and 58 seconds, sales of more than 10 billion, while in the past 3 years, to reach this figure takes up to 6 hours. This is just a ali. A comparable Gala all star party, every night before sleep every year to empty the shopping cart, Tucao favorite goods did not grab and long delivery…… Has gone through 8 years of double shopping spree, has become a consumer festival of the year 11. Users receive SMS SMS promotion pay New Year’s call the "Legal Evening News" reporter learned more than the Spring Festival, "quickly, tell me what you have bought many things?" "Even so hard to grab the autumn clothes to grab? Awesome!" Today a work desk, colleagues are discussing, is no longer on weekdays but 11 to buy two small household affairs, how many. "Double 11" has lasted for eight years, from the earliest Taobao to double 11 singles as a commodity promotion gimmick, it is like a holiday like into the lives of ordinary people. "I bought a few bottles of shampoo, is to double this year 11 submitted a" answer. "." Wang said the work of the media, he has not been a few years ago, 11 pairs of crazy shopping enthusiasm, but always felt that the double 11 do not buy what seems to be missing something". Last night at 8, Tmall double global carnival night held in Shenzhen, which went to the world’s many stars, as the Spring Festival Gala, like the party attracted the attention of many users of. Many netizens said, double 11 as the Spring Festival, while looking at the "super team" party, while mobile phone rings are business promotional messages, like the Spring Festival pay New Year’s call sms. "This party is not the last look good. Although the star is very arrogant, but the host high pitched cries completely overshadowed the star’s voice." Last night, half an hour to watch the evening of Miss Pao in the circle of friends. There are micro-blog users said, double 11 received mobile phone text messages are more than the Spring Festival, reminiscent of the previous holiday blessing SMS scene, "now you can use WeChat to send blessings, like this to get so many messages, it is several years ago." Tangled buy not to buy the hands of the slow moment, no goods every year to see the 11 party, while staying up late every year, while there are some tangled and tucao". I always feel that I do not buy what seems to be a loss, but I am afraid not to rush to do a lot of worry, after the purchase is still from time to time ‘regret’." People began to tangle a quarter, fancy clothes exactly buy at midnight yesterday, the hand slowly, watched in the shopping cart clothes out, "I looked at other models, found that the result is the same, just have the goods" moment "is" not available "." Web bug, payment failure, coupons can not be used… thinking相关的主题文章: