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Curb price rise more and more difficult to start from the beginning of last year, the current round of soaring prices in the first tier cities, has spread to two or three, four cities. Provincial capital cities and two or three hot line prices have begun to follow the first tier cities rose. A national housing prices are being formed. In this regard, rumors Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin will introduce regulatory measures, including the continued tightening of the purchase of credit limit policy. The current round of skyrocketing housing prices is very complex. From the perspective of macro policy, wantonly relax the property market regulation policy or outright ban on the purchase of limited credit limit tax and other comprehensive property market regulation policy is the first. In addition to the first tier cities, the current real estate policies in other cities, including mortgage, tax and other policies are the most relaxed and most favorable. Under such a policy, buy houses are the most cost-effective. Capital flocking, prices do not rise to. The loan poured in the real estate industry is a major killer of soaring prices. Central bank data show that the first 7 months of individual housing loans increased by nearly 3 trillion yuan, housing and land development loans of nearly 400 billion yuan, real estate loans totaling 3 trillion and 400 billion yuan, accounting for 7 months before the 8 trillion yuan of loans increased by 42.5%. More than 40% new loans are flowing into the real estate field, which is how terrible a data ah. The loan capital into the real estate crazy reason of the macroscopic policy, the central bank governor said Chinese housing loan leverage ratio is not high, in this kind of thought under the guidance of real estate loans will appear crazy and lever. At the same time, real estate, especially the first tier cities in the real estate to make money, not only to attract credit funds, but also to attract the brightest capital into the real estate sector crazy. Another major reason is that commercial banks are also facing the problem of asset allocation shortage. Earlier, a large state-owned bank chairman said that the current large enterprises, good companies are not loans. In this case, the bank personal housing mortgage loans as high quality assets. In the first 7 months of individual housing loans increased by 3 trillion on the basis of the mortgage is still prevalent in the ten percent off. A basic logic is that the super loose real estate policy, will inevitably lead to various funds, such as mortgage loans have entered the field of real estate, followed by the King appeared in full, followed by a general surge in prices. The real estate industry Hing lead businesses decline and tunneling effects on other industries have appeared in the China entity. Including credit and other debt funds into the real estate sector is not the premise of the risk is that prices have continued to rise even down. Once prices fall, will inevitably lead to real insolvency, the final capital chain rupture, the inevitable outbreak of financial risk. The U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, many times in the history of the real estate financial risk warning is detonated. We note that some of the first tier cities rumors will be introduced real estate regulatory policy. So, once the effect will be how? A basic judgment is that the real estate market today, more and more difficult to control, the effect is not optimistic. Watch the real estate mortgage policy such as vital payment of social finance, Internet banking has been through the bottom line. Various forms of down payment loans simply can not be monitored and controlled. Therefore, compared with the past, the effect of mortgage policy is not as good as before, greatly reduced. The key question is.相关的主题文章: