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Deaf sister homemade flag biscuits   5 days sold nearly $5 thousand – People’s Hainan window – People’s Chen Sihe friends at home to produce national flag biscuits. Chen Sihe’s friends at home to make national flag biscuits. The national day doing? Some people travel, someone in the house ". Chengdu deaf girl Chen Si whim, homemade biscuits flag "at home by hand". In October 5th, see the WCC reporter Chen came to the home, red biscuits, with 5 yellow stars, CHEN Si do imitate Weimiaoweixiao flag biscuits. She told reporters that she was released in the circle of friends and other social platforms to produce cookies photos and videos, attracting a lot of users point of praise, have wanted to order. National Day holiday in the past 5 days, she has received orders of nearly $5 thousand. National flag team is the deaf students in Chengdu. An ordinary residential rooftop, Chen Sihe is the same as the deaf husband and 1 year old daughter, quiet and warm home. My daughter started babbling around, parents. Daughter riding a horse play. On the other side, Chen put the biscuits just in the oven. Her other two deaf students came to help. These cookies are like the national flag, some like the panda, this is the twelfth boxes of cookies she made today. Chen Si told reporters that in April this year, my mother gave her an oven, she began to learn to make cookies. Before the national day, little brother proposal: the national day, why don’t you do a flag themed biscuit? After several times after the experiment, a flag was finally born with an air of importance. At the same time, she also produced a ugly Meng Meng Meng panda biscuits. Chen Si is deaf, after reading in Chengdu special education school, she attended the college entrance examination in 2006, admitted to the Xi’an Academy of fine arts art design specialty. Circle of friends issued 5 days after receiving a $5 thousand order Chen did not expect, she did the National Day biscuits so fire. Before the national day, the younger brother took a small video on the Internet, announced the process of making the experiment Chen biscuits, won the praise of many users. Just a few days, playing in a mobile phone APP has more than 45 thousand. Chen Si told reporters, from the beginning of October 1st, she forwarded his own circle of friends in the production of biscuits video and photos, attracting a lot of people to buy. Some people buy one or two boxes, up to a one-time buy a box of 75. Now she has received an order of about 5 thousand yuan, relying on the borrowed oven, can only be baked at a time of 36, each need more than an hour, can not cope with. A lot of people have received Chen Si’s cookies. "It was suggested to improve the taste, it was suggested to do some sugar free, it was suggested that it is not crisp enough." Chen Si told reporters that we are tolerant, sincere attitude, not a little harsh on her new cookies. Want to open all the dessert shop to recruit deaf employees Chen Siyou a dream. She said that deaf people find work, especially not admitted to the University for the deaf, the more difficult to find a suitable job. She had set myself a small goal, the oven is borrowed, to give yourself to buy one of their own oven, a future dessert shop, all recruit deaf employees. "I want to do something, just like other people."相关的主题文章: