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Shenzhen Hong Kong: add a number of decoding rules reveals the risk of   improve the two simultaneous Disclosure — Anhui channel — Shenzhen on released before the Shenzhen Hong Kong through eight related business rules, to further clarify the securities companies to implement the transaction risk revealing deep shares through the company and related information disclosure obligations to fulfill the specific requirements of information disclosure, listed company shareholders network voting and other matters. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange official said, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through business rules in the style of the main structure and content with Shanghai and Hong Kong remained the same, while highlighting the Shenzhen multi-level capital market characteristics, expand the scope of the underlying stock, the introduction of market value selection criteria, and effectively prevent the small cap stock market speculation and manipulation of cross-border risk. On this basis, combined with the past two years, through the operation of Hong Kong and Shanghai, the market to absorb some of the rules of feedback, as well as combing the relevant typical cases, the formation and release of the relevant rules of the exchange level. The responsible person said that the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the eight business rules including the increase in the spotlight, "cheat" shares, stock and long-term suspension of the stock delisting services on behalf of the holders may be limited and other risk warning, strengthen the domestic and foreign information disclosure, foreign shareholders rights synchronization detectionhall disclosure of changes in equity, the principle of synchronous suspension specifications, and clear Internet voting stock investors through deep maintenance related rules and a series of content arrangement. Increase the risk of revealing beware of "cheat shares" before the Shenzhen Tong officially approved, Shenzhen Tong South Hong Kong stocks in Shanghai and Hong Kong through the subject on the basis of the new market value of 5 billion Hong Kong dollars and above the Hang Seng Composite small stock index. And compared to large stocks, small cap stocks performance stability, stock price volatility risk is relatively large, so it has published the Shenzhen Hong Kong through eight business rules is more emphasis on risk disclosure arrangements. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange official analysis, with Shenzhen and Hong Kong through the start, hundreds of small cap stocks in the upcoming years of investment into the scope of mainland investors, including "cheat" is a major risk facing the mainland investors in Hongkong market. How to solve the market ills, avoid South investors stepped in "mine", as well as a problem to be solved in the regulation. The responsible person said that the current market for the definition of "cheat" is not standardized, in view of the old K to Shenzhen Hong Kong investors bring greater investment risk, the risk of "the book reveals the essential terms of" special a special tips to "cheat" transaction risk, "part of the performance difference, small market value and stock price the Stock Exchange listed company has frequent partnership, large proportion of low price for the shares or allotment behavior, the rights and interests of investors may be significantly diluted, investors should be concerned about the risk of possible." At the same time, according to the recent announcement of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange also increased to "cheat" behavior management, gaosongzhuan scheme of some companies was halted, and puts forward more strict requirements for a large proportion of bonus. It is worth noting that, after the revision of the risk disclosure provisions must also specifically increase the risk of long-term suspension of the stock tips. In Hong Kong hina film power as an example, from May last year due to plummeting stock prices requires a brief suspension, until last July 27th was officially from large Hang Seng stock index)相关的主题文章: