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Decoration with ceramic tile in the end good? The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile decoration with ceramic tile in the end? Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile decoration

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? Ceramic tile is a very common home decoration materials, but also many owners will choose the decoration materials. However, no matter what material is not perfect, there are advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of home decoration tiles? And Xiaobian together to understand.

decoration with ceramic tile in the end good? Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tile decoration (picture from the network)

? home decoration with the benefits of ceramic

?? 1, price advantage

?? compared with other decoration materials, ceramic tile price is relatively low, and the tile brand manufacturers are more competitive, so the use of the same circumstances, tile than other wood decoration materials such as the use of cheaper price.

?? 2, performance advantage

? Water repellent, light weight, flexible, acid and alkali resistance to freeze-thaw, earthquake resistance, crack resistance, and external insulation system is very good compatibility.

?? 3, security advantage

soft porcelain technology products completely overcome the ceramic tile, mosaic and other easy to fall off the safety hidden trouble, especially suitable for high-rise buildings and exterior insulation system of exterior wall decoration material.

?? 4, the expressive power of

?? soft ceramic materials can be arbitrarily shaped, break through the limitations of traditional modeling of ceramic tile products, integrated ability of soft porcelain technology has all the materials for a variety of natural stone, at all times and in all countries, the crypt firing split brick, all kinds of natural wood, building water, ceramic tile, aluminum plate, a variety of modern art, ancient royal luxury — soft porcelain technology, can rapid cloning! At the same time, can the real performance of natural decorative materials, such as wood, leather, stone, brick, cloth and metal texture and color, also can make a distinctive color of decorative texture and color according to the designer’s concept.

?? 5, the advantages of construction

?? especially in the renovation of the old wall renovation or space, without the old tile and mosaic original knock can be directly pasted on the MCM material.

? 6, energy saving and emission reduction

?? soft products of ceramic technology production line of coal, heavy oil and other fuels to abandon high pollution raw materials, selection of electric energy and solar energy to clean, secure source; no waste water, waste gas, dust emissions in the production process, and all the waste recycling Recyclable.

?? 7, maintenance advantage

? Ceramic tile maintenance is very convenient, whether it is washed or add any cleaning agent can be, the damage to the ceramic tile is not large, the maintenance of other than