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Arts-and-Entertainment Make your laptop a multimedia powerhouse. With its powerful processor offers new StudioTM 17 Laptop and an HD audio can only dream of other laptops. The elegant, high-performance Dell Studio 17 multi touch is equipped with the latest features and stunning graphics. Watch your movies, music and games on the road with a laptop, which offers cinema-quality images and sound first class. Increase your productivity with the latest Intel Pentium processors. When it comes to your favorite movies, you should not compromise. The Dell Studio 17 multi touch offers excellent image quality, make their films, and the magnificent sound you"d expect from JBL. Easy navigation. The new multi-touch screen allows more natural interaction with the laptop. Do not use the mouse click and check the laptop with movements such as grasping, pushing, stretching, snapping, zoom and rotation. The Studio 17 Multi-touch solution allows you to control up to four fingers, so that users can interact simultaneously two or more. Dell studio multi touch Features " Target: Multimedia Laptop " Special features: 44 cm (17.3 "WLED HD), Blu-Ray combo drive, 8-in-1 card reader, 2MP camera, touchpad, High Definition Audio 5.1, Bluetooth, numeric keyboard " Software (pre-installed): Genuine Windows 7 Premium 64-bit " Warranty: 2 years pick-up service and repair " Includes laptop, manual, AC adapter, Resource CD and CD driver I bought a Dell 1745 laptop? Hey, on the underneath of a laptop the proof of license, would that be worn down on a new laptop? Mine was also it had another phones software on it and a scratch? I’m pretty sure the scratch was not from me because I haven’t had the opportunity to scratch it. My stepdad said all the laptops in the shop had worn down license’s. I really want to know if it would be like this because I paid a lot for this laptop and if it’s second hand I will go mad 😛 Answer Sounds second hand to me. Did you install the OS when you first got it = NO then it has been used before Have you got your registration details for the laptop and OS = NO its been done before Is the user account in your name (the one you put in) or is it (for instance first user) = that is a sign it have been used before then cleared of as much old information as possible then sold so it is second hand. Log onto the makers site and ask if the laptop, give then your serial number has been registered before they should be able to tell you Dell Studio 1745 Battery Dell Studio 1749 Battery Original Post by: ..battery-center../blog/dell-studio-1745-multi-touch-powerhouse-laptop-review.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: