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Science Though Texas energy deregulation has strengthened the consumers position by making them knowledgeable and arming them with the power to choose their Texas Electric supplier, many consumers are wary of making the switch. Most of these people often ask how practical it is to switch their supplier despite the benefits that such a move may bring their way. If you too belong to this league, here are some points that will help you decide. Though you can switch your supplier to benefit from a lower rate plan of another electric company, you should remember that it would take some time to see how much money you are saving. Most people expect an overnight difference in their utility bills but the reality is quite different. Let us consider an example to make the picture clear. Say, you decide to switch your service on the first of a month to a Texas Electricity Provider offering the lowest rate. Subsequent to your sign up, a third party verification service will verify if you want to make the switch for sure. Considering some calls may be missed during this period, we can estimate the entire process to take a week. So, the verification gets completed on the 7th of the month. Now, since theres a compulsory 10-day right to rescind period, you can switch on the 17th at the earliest. However, your current billing cycle should be finished before the switch. Considering the worst case scenario that your billing cycle began on the 16th, you will have to wait till the next months 16th day to make the actual switch. This way, you would need to wait till the 20th of the subsequent month before you get a bill that reflects the savings from switching to the lowest electricity rate. Therefore, after making the switch, it would be around 45 days before starting with the new company and almost 3 months (80 days) before you get to see the actual savings. Early termination fee is yet another aspect that makes many consumers stick to their present Texas Electricity Company. Since most contract terms often dont disclose fully or keep it vague when it comes to the charges, fees, as well as other terms and conditions for an REP and a plan, many consumers are at a loss and dont know how much they will be charged if they terminate their contracted rate plan to switch to a different REP. So, they take the safest route out to stick to the present company, even if it means paying more for their Electricity. Perhaps you are now thinking that its really a tough task to switch Texas Electricity Companies, but the reality lies in the fact that if you make the switch and are ready to wait, you are bound to reap the benefits of lower Electric Rates. So, if you have been paying high rates for your Electricity and thinking that switching electricity companies is not practical, wake up to the real picture and make your move now. Exercise your right to choose and save money on your utility bills, the chance of which the energy deregulation has brought your way. About Shop Texas Electricity- Shop Texas Electricity helps consumers and businesses compare and shop for their electricity plans in Texas. Learn more about Shop Texas Electricity by visiting us at .ShopTexasElectricity.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: