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Marketing VF Shopping Center deploys CornDigital’s networked Digital Signage solution in effort to reduce chemicals used from printing process in the environment as well as the amount of paper wasted through brochures and other various marketing materials. As the holiday season approaches, shoppers are expected to see more and more large Digital Signage displays at work throughout the malls. These digital displays ranging from 7" to 52" are working extra hard during holiday seasons to showcase eye-catching advertisements on holiday sales, promotions, events, and other great deals. Most retailers claimed that digital signage has well served their purposes in boosting sales revenues, and they are expecting to see more great results in the holiday shopping seasons as they are ready to utilize every second of their digital signage display to promote all sorts of sales events! Digital Signage has been adopted in the shopping malls as a multipurpose information display board to display products, locate stores, restaurants, restrooms, maps, directions, promotions, greeting message, sales, events, local news and other information for visitors. Image above shows one of Corn Digital’s current networked systems clients at a shopping center. Not only have they implemented in-door digital signs, but outdoor application using digital display as directory/information board as well. .paring to in-door applications, outdoor digital signage faces more constraints in how to keep it safe and functioning efficiently. With customized water-proofed and better heating/cooling design, Corn Digital provides a perfect solution. By passers are receiving warm greetings and first-hand information on sales events as soon as they step out of their car at the shopping center. Such application helped bringing customers shopping experiences to another level. Having digital signs in a retail environment has many benefits not offered by traditional signage such as the lowering of cost and time consumed in delivering ads in prints, increase in impulsive purchases when grabbing immediate attention from customers, as well as having the ability and flexibility to change promotional contents and pricings instantly when targeting different audiences. The majority of mall locations that adopted digital signage have reported that ads and sales promoted on a screen are more effective than on traditional posters. Corn Digital provides a digital signage network system for the mall management to control all digital displays remotely from a central location via their web-based SignageNow software which .es with each unit of media player purchased at no additional subscription charge. Those who are hesitated to adopt digital signage fear its cost the most. However, as effective as the digital signages are, they are not expensive by any means. And having a digital signage network isn’t as .plicated as one thinks. Retailers who are considering such option, simply need to have inter. connectivity on site, plan out the locations and units of displays needed, acquire displays from any retail store; find .worked media players like the Corn Digital’s Ceres-88 model to work with each screen and you are done! We are very happy and excited to be able to work with Cashman in their efforts to help our environment, said Eloy Huitron, industry consultant for Corn Digital, this is one of the many ways Digital Signage from Corn Digital can help businesses, not just in their bottom line but also helping them do their part in saving the environment . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: