Director of the Beijing notary public administration does not involve the notarization of property

The director of the Beijing notary Notary Management Office: not involving property within 7 days of a new network card – JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wang Xiaofei) Beijing Municipal Judicial Bureau yesterday informed the optimization of the notarial legal services in resource allocation have preliminary results. Beijing Bureau of justice notary management office director Xiao Lizhu introduced to dispose of the property, does not involve the entrusted declaration, certificate copy, photocopy consistent with the original simple notarization, materials complete, notary agencies from accepting 7 working days from the date of issuing the certificate, a speed increase efficiency of 50%. The need for translation, verification of the relevant circumstances, to supplement the certification materials or complicated and complex matters in strict accordance with the provisions of the notary procedure rules, and inform the parties in a timely manner. It is understood that the Beijing notary one-time inform the system of party to apply for notarization, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, notaries one-time inform the parties of the accreditation process and the materials to be submitted. If the parties are not clear about the facts, the parties concerned shall be informed of the supplementary materials in the course of handling the matter. At the same time, Shouwenfuze system, the first reception or the admissibility of the notary staff as the first responsible person, for the party to apply for notarization, in accordance with the law in detail, timely and carefully handle, not prevarication, denial. The weekend duty system, for the convenience of the masses consulting accreditation, the notary public has conditions assigned to duty in the weekend between the date of reception. Xiao Lizhu said, at present, most of the notary office to achieve one day’s reception of two-day weekend. Xiao Lizhu introduced in perfecting the notary service facilities, notary certificate, reception hall set up service, the gang responsible for the reception consultation and answering telephone consultation, in the waiting area, equipped with seat service facilities of drinking machine, pen and paper, old fitness supplies, the establishment of the green channel service for the elderly, infirm, pregnant or suffering from severe disease there are special cases of the parties in the acceptance, processing, service and other sectors to provide convenience. In terms of innovation, has the condition by the notary public notary public official website, WeChat APP mobile phone number, etc. to establish the mechanism of online booking office platform and online consultation platform, to meet the needs of the people. Currently, the city has 9 notary offices can be achieved by WeChat or mobile phone APP online booking. (Guo Li, CITIC, Guoxin, Changan, seeking, founder, Fangyuan, Oriental, Cathay Pacific) in strengthening supervision, Beijing open publicity system, public notaries, assistant notaries listing appointment. Notary public offices in the office, the official website of the list of public notary public, fees, accreditation process, telephone consultation, complaints, etc., to accept the supervision of the masses. At the same time, Beijing is also the perfect service supervision system, establish notary service supervision mail and telephone in the office or on the official website, collect people’s opinions and suggestions to the notary service, notary public notary service satisfaction survey system to establish. Again, the establishment of the Beijing notary public complaint handling system, the establishment of special personnel, special post processing review complaints cases, according to the law in strict accordance with the time limit to respond to the applicant.相关的主题文章: