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Do not let the false marketing with Paris city anxiety – Guizhou Channel – original title: do not let the false marketing with Paris city anxiety recently, Shenzhen city of Nanshan District overseas Chinese town is put "6 square meters sold 880 thousand yuan" horrifying news. Shenzhen city planning and Land Resources Committee informed that the project alteration of suspected illegal sales, the real estate intermediary agencies suspected of illegal business has been ordered rectification, has sold the house was asked to cancel the agreement. Some netizens believe that the real estate project the use of exaggeration, false marketing, plays an important role in the property market, standardize the management suggestions of regulators to strengthen the real estate marketing, intermediary industry, thorough investigation of such illegal behavior, and earnestly safeguard the market environment, is expected to stabilize the property market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Marketing is "tricks" Sunzhao in this year’s hot property market, emerge in an endless stream a variety of marketing tools, increased the public anxiety over high housing prices. Such as the Shenzhen overseas Chinese town house project is the ad said, "overseas Chinese town 6 square meters hardcover" very small "to print out of print, print life space, low price, easy installation Shenzhen power" and other words, under the guise of overseas Chinese town, with exaggerated expression of packaging of the project, the purchase of the housing buy impulses to stimulate the potential. In addition, the overseas Chinese town is still second-hand housing, but the sale of advertising is like a new house for sale, and the introduction of the model, the existence of exaggerated propaganda. In addition, the "eilleen" think, "opening the sold out rhetoric are developers usual tricks, is essentially a hunger marketing, especially in the hot property market, some developers for the pursuit of sales rate, often through the cover disc Xishou and virtual CD holiday behavior, man-made housing tension, it is easy to appear emergency room, drive up prices phenomenon, caused by the hot property market, a real hard situation, disrupt the normal market order." There are friends that not only some developers have disrupted the market order behavior, real estate intermediary providing false information, malicious raise prices, forgery proof and other illegal acts, also the healthy operation of the market has great harm. Strengthen supervision and standardize operation of many users believe that developers should prosecute false marketing, in addition, the current domestic real estate intermediary practitioners uneven, illegal low cost, easily lead to employees so the industry standard operating level use unscrupulous divisive tactics, should be strengthened. Netizen "Wang Feng" believes that the current threshold of real estate marketing industry, the intermediary industry is relatively low, the rapid expansion in the background, barbaric growth, some marketing agencies, intermediary to seek maximum benefits, at the cost of illegal operation, to mislead the public for the normal operation of the property market is expected to be standardized, industry. Suggestions to crack down on false Day CD, cover disc Xishou behavior. At the same time, the real estate intermediary supervision, once found illegal operation of the real estate intermediary, or the existence of false information, malicious drive up prices, disrupt the market order, will be severely dealt with. Some netizens believe that astronomical dove cage is a true portrayal of Shenzhen and even a second tier cities crazy property market model. To fundamentally solve the problem of housing residents, in addition to regulating the behavior of real estate agents and intermediaries, but also need to increase the total supply of land for housing, increase housing supply, strict restrictions on investment相关的主题文章: