Do these suckers refrigerator energy saving tips may not

Do these suckers refrigerator energy saving tips may not know for this refrigerator needs 24 hours electricity appliances, energy efficiency is very important. Not only energy saving energy saving, but also for environmental protection and contribute to the cause, is really a good shooting two birds with one stone. So, do you know how to save the refrigerator? The first to buy the refrigerator, in the purchase of the refrigerator, the best choice of refrigerator products marked with a level of energy efficiency labeling, and according to the actual needs of families, select the suitable volume of the refrigerator, the source of the good. The refrigerator should be placed in the refrigerator around the ventilation space, away from heat sources to the refrigerator placed in the shade, avoid direct sunlight. The refrigerator clean if the frosting of evaporator surface reached 10 mm, the heat transfer efficiency is decreased by more than 30%, the cooling effect is greatly reduced, so that the compressor is not running, increase power consumption. So, once the refrigerator frost, we need to promptly clean. According to the temperature of the refrigerator stored in accordance with the appropriate choice of the temperature of the refrigerator, computer control of the refrigerator, under normal circumstances, only to be transferred to intelligent mode. Mechanical temperature control refrigerator, adjust the thermostat is the key to saving the refrigerator. In summer, the temperature regulating knob is generally transferred to high, but in the winter, you can go to the lowest point. Open the door to avoid too long if the frequency is too high, on the one hand, the refrigerator will significantly increase the power consumption, but also reduce the life of the refrigerator. When the door of the box is opened, the lamp in the box is opened, the electric energy is consumed and the temperature is increased, which is not conducive to energy conservation. At the same time, try to shorten the opening time and times. Hot food do not directly into the hot food do not directly into the refrigerator, then into the line to reach room temperature, which can reduce the work load of the refrigerator is conducive to energy saving. Food should not be installed too full of refrigerator food should not be installed too full, and the refrigerator wall should be left between the gap, in order to facilitate the flow of air conditioners, generally reach seven or eight into full.相关的主题文章: