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Double hand 4-0 Montero TEDA Zhandexianji comments – Yatai echelon sports Sohu TEDA 4-0 day to celebrate the Beijing Yatai Montero broke on September 21st, the 2016 season of Super League eighteenth round Tianjin TEDA and Changchun Yatai game contest in Tianjin Olympic Sports Center stadium. The results of the first half Monteiro opened the scoring, Diagne in the second half penalty to gain another victory, then Monteiro scored two of the final before the end of the bench Malik broke the victory, the final 4 to 0 victory over Tianjin TEDA home court Changchun yatai. Since the super since the restructuring, the two teams in the football league in Chinese had a total of 21 against the experience, including Tianjin TEDA 4 wins 8 flat 9 negative disadvantage, the first leg this season to meet 4 to 4 score and shake hands. At present, the Super League 25 Harding Park, Tianjin TEDA in the case of a game with 6 wins 9 flat 9 negative product 27 points ranked thirteenth, the last round of League away 0 2 lost to Jiangsu suning. But at the same Changchun Yatai the case of a game with 6 wins, 5 draws and 13 losses with a score of 23 ranked fifteenth in the league team 3 to 1 victory over Guangzhou Fuli home court. Ninth minutes of the game, Megumiya Yasu left the road after the spike extraordinary xiadichuanzhong by Sun Jie to rescue the bottom line. Thirteenth minutes of the game, the ball Diyanie road side, barbarian days right pass was cleared out of the bottom line, then the first corner is the goalkeeper double boxing out, then volley in the area after Montero, Tianjin TEDA 1 to 0 lead. Twenty-first minutes of the game, Monteiro hit the left front kick, Diagne shakes Leipzig wide area. Twenty-sixth minutes of the game, Li Yuanyi was booked in the application and product of foul Lee scraping, then Moorello direct free kick shot hit the door frame up the bottom line. Thirty-third minutes of the game, Orr Txiki restricted the point after the catch and shot hit the side line. Thirty-fifth minutes of the game, Bai Yuefeng and Han Deming for his foot over suspected kicked in the face, the referee did not be ignored. Fortieth minutes of the game, Monteiro hit the road in the field before kick into the box after the hanging point was cleared, then Monteiro’s left corner was the other side of the top box. Forty-first minutes of the game, barbarian days along the right ball into the box after the cross, the results met the madzic occurred after the change to block the ball out of the bottom line where?. Forty-third minutes of the game, Orr Txiki direct free kick to the goal, the result was Yang Qipeng out of the bottom line. At the end of the first half of 1 to 0 lead Tianjin teda. The second half both sides easy side battles. Fifty-first minutes of the game, Diagne Sun Jie was brought down in the penalty area, the referee whistled for a penalty kick hit, then to Diagne personally, Tianjin TEDA 2 to 0 lead. Fifty-sixth minutes of the game, Moreno shot shot in the restricted area, then Orr Txiki shot out. Sixty-fourth minutes of the game, Montero teammate long ball, face each other in the goalkeeper, rub the header into the goal, Tianjin TEDA 3 to 0 lead. Sixty-sixth minutes of the game, the right breakthrough product schlie manufacturing Li source foul, then Jiang Zhe free kick was the other out of the restricted area. Game seventieth minutes, Han Deming sent straight plug.相关的主题文章: