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Drag 3 months without demolition of illegally built but built urban management: About demolitions (Figure) – Beijing flower street? Tail No. 6 has been built illegally built the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liang Yitao complaints: Fangcun Flower Street residents because of what Mr. Lu: please deliver the goods, demolished in June in an interview with the handling of the illegal construction of urban management who is responsible for: the government of Liwan District, Liwan District comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau, flower street office Living flower street in Liwan District Lu, in June the city council had to liberating the law enforcement department home next to a house in the village, be characterized as illegal construction not demolitions issue. At that time the leadership instructed city management supervision of the case will be liberating. However, in September the city before the date of arrival by the receivers, the handling of illegal construction, but has no meaning to be removed. Mr. Lu said he was not satisfied with the performance of the relevant departments. Long 3 months will not remove illegally built illegal construction was built instead of complaints, Liwan District flower street? No. 6 on the tail of a 4 storey building. When the reporter in June due to complaints from the public, Mr. Lu demands to see the site, the illegal construction is not completed, a building facade tiles not finished in the construction of interior decoration structures (see Yangcheng Evening News June 24th edition reported A14). But when the reporter returned to the scene in September 21st, found that illegal construction has not been removed, but also to the basic completion of the renovation of the building. In one of the illegal construction of the window, the reporter even saw someone in the clothes show that the illegal construction has been built up to the extent you can live. The reporter during the visit, a truck to the downstairs, a worker will carry large metal security door of the truck unloaded into illegal construction in the ready to install. Seriously affect the neighborhood life illegally built "urban management is built, and apply for the demolitions, but the district government has not approved the demolitions, which made me very upset." In the face of the doorstep illegally built and relevant government officials have said the inspector, Mr. Lu said he was very worried. "The great impact of the illegal construction of my life." Into the home of Mr. Lu, the reporter found Mr. Lu home lighting is not good, because the living room is a large window to block the majority of illegal construction into the light channel. It is because of too close, noise and dust pollution caused by illegal construction, Mr. Lu and his family have to endure. "The house illegally built had not allowed to be so high, now 4 storey building, and the distance is near my home, my life is disturbed." Mr. Lu said. Good handling of the demolitions, now 3 months later a little movement did not, the relevant departments on how many programs didn’t walk?" Mr. Lu said, he complained to the urban management is not yet built illegally built, now has long live demolitions. Because Mr. Lu complaints about the illegal construction was widely reported by the media, many neighbors are also concerned about the fate of illegally built. When the neighbors found Mr. Lu’s complaint "and cause the relevant departments attach great importance" is not the demolition of illegally built, in addition to the urban management ability have questioned, also ridiculed "complaints are useless". "I’m disappointed, I don’t know who’s the last word." Mr. Lu said helplessly. .相关的主题文章: