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Electric vehicle management: Beijing Road, Shenzhen limit zhache, Nanning brand   pipe; gnaw tube is more effective – energy – people.com.cn core reading between travel demand and city traffic safety of the masses how to balance, a test of the effectiveness of the management of electric vehicles. From zoned area to restrict the guide, from tube to tube, there are wide and strict, all over the exploration. Sweltering summer of Shenzhen. Longhua District clear lake outside the subway station, 35 year old Chen Yehua (a pseudonym) riding a bike is old, in the subway station to attract guests. "It’s hard to do business now." Chen Yehua drove the car and told reporters. In March 21st this year, Shenzhen began to implement the 100 days of "Jin Mo brownouts" focus on the investigation of electric vehicles exceed the standard. Action only 10 days, they seized 17975 electric vehicles, detained 874 people. Called "the history of the limit friction is strictly prohibited". Shortly thereafter, since April 11th, Beijing for the implementation of the regional ban on electric vehicles, the provisions of the 10 roads, such as Chang’an Avenue, in addition to pedal bicycles, prohibit the use of electric vehicles and other non motorized vehicles. How to control the electric car, the reporter conducted an investigation. This "brownouts" we are particularly strict on the electric bicycle ban the implementation of regional policy. In Shenzhen, where public transport is more developed, two wheeled electric bicycles and motorcycles are prohibited." Shenzhen City Traffic Police Bureau police said Chen Jin Mo brownouts do?. Shenzhen’s "power" in April 2012. Since the implementation of the policy, the bank has adjusted and issued limited notice 14. Limited Road, area mainly concentrated in the main, sub roads, public transport, subway coverage of high regional. Other non restricted areas and roads, two wheeled electric vehicles can pass. "Like Pingshan, Mirs and other public transport developed areas, we are encouraging the use of two wheel electric vehicle." Traffic Police Bureau police Liu Ming said. Although in the past 4 years, the traffic control department of Shenzhen carried out several "Jin Mo brownouts focus on remediation, but this year’s action as" exceptionally ruthless". From March 22nd to March 23rd this year for the first time in the first day of action focused campaigns, seized motorcycles, electric bicycles 3406 vehicles, 322 detainees, illegal operation staff collected 107 times. "All the implementation of the illegal operation in the subway, bus stations, ports, commercial downtown area touting showmanship, directly as if the circumstances are serious, shall be administrative detention." Introduction to Chen?. Shenzhen early planning, and did not set non motorized vehicles to fast traffic based." Chen? Say, by the end of June 2015, Shenzhen vehicle fleet of up to 3 million 300 thousand vehicles, 586 vehicles per kilometre of road. "Electric cars and car cut, will only make the city more congestion." In addition to traffic congestion, involving friction involved electric frequently caused traffic accident, the traffic control department also determined the cause of the heavy regulation. According to the Shenzhen police informed, focus on remediation implementation of only a week, it has achieved remarkable results: gather the subway, bus stations, ports, commercial and other illegal soliciting phenomenon significantly reduced, involving friction involved electric accident alarm 1564, down 5.53%. Related accidents involving electric traffic accident相关的主题文章: