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The electronic cigarette or replace the traditional cigarette saved the lives of 1 billion people – the Sohu news original title in the next 30 years: research shows that the electronic cigarette will replace the new agency save the lives of 1 billion people in traditional cigarettes in Hongkong in August 25,   in the next 30 years; (Yinta Shizuko) in April this year, the British royal family in the school of Medicine report pointed out that the electronic cigarette at least 95% security than traditional cigarettes. Recently, a research report Reason Foundation think-tank organization pointed out that the electronic cigarette will be in the next two or thirty years to gradually replace the traditional cigarettes, which will be able to save the lives of nearly 1 billion people, more than half of the population in asia. The Hongkong SAR Government in recent years across the results of standardized management of traditional cigarettes, according to government statistics department data show that in 2015, 15 people over the age of the daily smoking rate fell to 10.5%, equivalent to about 640 thousand people, is the 1982 lowest ratio record. However, the rise of electronic cigarettes in Hongkong, but also set off a comprehensive ban electronic cigarette cries. Earlier reports said, in the deep water? Lian park? Found several pupils, including a six year old girl smoking electronic cigarette, causing public concern. Chen Zhao, deputy director of the food and Health Bureau, pointed out that the main electronic cigarette young people, worried about the rise of the rise of electronic cigarette smokers. Julian, vice president of research at Reason Foundation (Julian), said that the electronic cigarette is relatively safe, healthy, and so on, said. Even because of the emergence of electronic cigarettes, the number of young smokers began to decrease. But for the children of Hongkong smoking electronic cigarette, Julian said, this is not a good thing." He had never seen or heard of a six year old child smoking electronic cigarettes anywhere else. "I do not encourage this behavior, parents should take care of their children. Don’t bring bad effects to the good." Julian believes that the regulation and management of electronic cigarettes can not be too regulated, which will increase the cost of electronic cigarettes, reduce consumer choice, and undermine good competition and innovation. In Hongkong, the regulation of electronic cigarettes need to strengthen the supervision of the production process and quality of products, thereby increasing the integrity and reliability of products. He added that Hongkong can learn from other countries’ regulatory measures, but also need to adopt local demand management programs. He concluded, as long as the correct use of standardized electronic cigarettes, it will gradually replace the traditional single cigarettes in Asia can save and improve the lives of hundreds of millions.相关的主题文章: