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Eleven tourism black list release: 14 home area of 14 provinces on the "black list" – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn original title: Eleven tourism black list release: 14 home area of 14 provinces on the "black list" (the conference site. People.com.cn even pure photo) in Beijing in October 9, people.com.cn (even pure Feng Yatao) in October 9th, the National Tourism Bureau released eleven holiday "black list", a number of scenic spots, the best concentration for outstanding travel agencies, tour guides, excellent staff and excellent tourism civilization tourists, but also on the toilet during the holiday time lag, revolution a dirty, chaotic management, service bad tourism business units and employees and uncivilized tourists were exposed. The eleven holiday tour "black list" by the tourism authorities around the holiday tourism market order according to the local situation and provide information summary. The "black list" covers scenic spots, travel agencies, tourism staff, tour guides, tourists five categories, including the scenic spot and comprehensive order and toilet revolution, the order of the tourism market, tourism security and tourism services four special, full list of nine items, the "Red List" as the best (or excellent), "black list" the worst (or unqualified, not civilization), covering 31 provinces and municipalities and Xinjiang production and construction corps. "Red List" on the list, due to traffic control, effective travel order stable, standardized service management and other reasons, the Imperial Palace Museum in Beijing, Chongqing, Hunan Dazu rock carvings in Shaoshan Tourism District, Hainan Sanya Nanshan Tourism Zone, Yunnan Old Town of Lijiang and a number of well-known 5A tourism scenic spot on the list of best comprehensive order scenic spot, Qingchengshan – Dujiangyan mountain scenic area, Sichuan Shandong Taierzhuang City, Hubei District, Hebei Baoding Three Gorges travel west Beijing Bai Du leisure tourist area were on the list, the best scenic toilet revolution order of the tourism market, tourism security best scenic spots and tourist attractions best best service. For tourists, civilized travel guide service work in place, Harbin Railway International Travel Service, Xi’an overseas travel and a number of travel and tourism in Dunhuang City Economic Development Office Director Yang Xingrong and a number of tourism practitioners, respectively list of outstanding and excellent tourist travel agency staff. During the holiday season because of multinational offering "panda blood" and won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign Nanjing Mandarin International Travel Guide Yang Li and nearly 30 on the list of the best tour guide tour leader. In addition, helpful, civilized travel Henan tourists Feng Yu, such as the list of outstanding Civilized Tourists on the list of. The "black list" list, the tourist and scenic staff disputes in Beijing Shidu area, safety, service and identification system, the lack of toilet dirty and messy Zhangjiajie Dragon Cave Scenic Area, are on the list of the worst order comprehensive scenic spot. Jilin Prefecture of Yanbian province 4A level scenic canyon landscape pumice for safety management system is not perfect, the emergency is not perfect, not in place to implement the safety responsibility, safety facilities within the area of old, lack of warning signs, the list of the worst scenic tourism safety and security. The National Tourism Administration has instructed the Jilin Provincial Tourism Department to carry out rectification of scenic spots. In addition, because of service problems, Beijing way cattle travel agency list of substandard travel agency; for tour guide without increased expense items, tourists in scenic graffiti carved, 5 guides and 6)相关的主题文章: