Employee exposing Insider money for investment spending billion yuan of investment capital Manager tianbi

Employee exposing Insider: money for spending billion yuan investment manager investment capital fund Sina exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Cast 15 thousand yuan, more than a year to income of 24 thousand? Hundreds of billion yuan of investment capital! Invested 15 thousand yuan, more than a year to income of $24 thousand, you can also get a lot of valuable liquor, so investment fly it? And what kind of insider? A Zhenjiang wine Cci Capital Ltd had such high returns to attract a large number of private investment, due to funding strand breaks, hundreds of billion yuan investment investors lose everything. Reporters learned that, not long ago, the company has been responsible for the public security organs to take coercive measures. Recently, the company has invested and worked in Changzhou Wang (a pseudonym) and the Yangtze Evening News reporter contacted the initiative, told reporters about the industry’s amazing insider. Yangzi Evening news media reporter Guo Jingyu he was in the company of "crazy people" up to a month to pull the fifty or sixty single income, hundreds of thousands of Huaian Wang work in Changzhou in July last year, a chance to let him come into contact with the Zhenjiang wine industry Cci Capital Ltd. "Here as long as 15 thousand yuan investment, the company will be able to participate in the purchase and sale of wine business." According to reports, when the company announced the return of 1500 yuan per month, 16 months after the 15 thousand yuan to 24 thousand yuan per single variable. Holding a try mentality, Wang took out 60 thousand yuan to try water. "References to invest, a single 2000 yuan commission." In order to make money, Wang went to pull people, up to a month to pull fifty or sixty single income ten yuan. Because of income, Wang simply joined the company, responsible for looking for investment, from an investor into the company’s management staff, his team in a month to four hundred or five hundred yuan Dora orders. Wang told reporters that everyone in the company to CEOs commensurate, everyone has a sense of the industry elite. "We do not stop holding foreign investment commission, so easy to make money, I was the same as poisoning." Wang said that until the end of the same mode of operation of the wine company suddenly closed down, he began to feel something is not right, I think this is not practical to make money. In early 2016 Wang withdrew from the company. He disclosed that the money to investors where part of the return of investors, more for the boss squandered I am very fortunate to advance out of their own, such a company sooner or later to an accident." The company was informed that the person in charge of the foot, hundreds of investors were pit after the news, Wang decided to come up again and again to expose his understanding of the industry insider, hoping to be a reminder. Wang told reporters that the company is to sell as a pretext to attract funds, claiming 15 thousand yuan per unit price, finally you can get high returns promised 24 thousand yuan as bait, also can get 15 thousand yuan of goods, not normal to high returns to attract investment. "Just a few months or even more than a year, the customer will be on相关的主题文章: