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Energy Internet industry is expected to blowout type development – energy – People’s network at present, China is facing the urgent needs of the new energy revolution and energy market reform, energy Internet construction continues to accelerate. At the 2016 China Energy Internet Summit held in August 31st, the national energy board announced the establishment of the national energy Internet industry and technology innovation alliance. Experts said that as a new format, the construction of the Internet once the energy spread, due to its strong internal and external driving force, blowout type development situation is bound to occur. The development prospects of becoming clear in recent years, with the continuous development of new energy technology integration and networking, big data, mobile Internet and other information technology and the depth of the Internet makes the development prospects of energy energy continues to clear, the Internet has become more and more widely regarded as an important technology to realize the fulcrum of future energy revolution. The current global energy development is driven by the dual structure of consumption and technology development, many developed countries began to explore the practice of energy Internet, and achieved remarkable results. The guidance of our country since the beginning of this year, the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board issued "on promoting the development of smart energy Internet plus" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance" ") and a plurality of supporting documents, part of the energy enterprises, IT Internet companies and manufacturing enterprises, has started a prospective exploration and pilot in business, hoping to advance to seize the commanding heights of industry. In particular, the traditional energy companies have begun to consciously learn from the consumer industry, considering the combination of customer experience and cross selling energy consumption." Ding Mincheng, vice president of Accenture’s global acceptance of "Economic Daily" reporters, the digital in the field of energy has become one of the core power industry subversion and innovation. In the future, the digital energy platform is the necessary technical means and capabilities for enterprises to develop energy Internet market." Energy Internet provides a new opportunity for enterprises to optimize the direction of transformation. Many business executives told reporters that the new energy service provider has the characteristics of the Internet will bring subversive impact on the status of industrial chain, not only can provide B2B and B2C energy services, will also take this platform extends to the same industry, for example, Home Furnishing retail industry, to create greater market value. Deputy director, director of the National Energy Bureau deputy Shi Yubo pointed out that the energy research Chinese, "13th Five-Year" will actively build smart energy systems, energy and information to promote the integration of new technologies in areas such as the depth, integrated energy and communications, transportation and other infrastructure network construction, the construction of "source network charge storage" coordinated development the Internet, integrated and complementary energy. The next 5 years, the energy industry is expected to maintain the development of the Internet, a growth rate of 18.5%, becoming one of the strong engine of innovation and development." Shi Yubo said. According to forecasts, by 2020, China energy Internet total market size will exceed $940 billion. Enterprises are still insufficient preparation of course, the development of the Internet industry is not smooth energy. The specific concept and connotation of energy Internet, to be further explored and practice to reach a broad consensus. Relevant reform measures and support相关的主题文章: