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English to help Chinese students to ease the housing crisis: investment for the right of abode – Sohu news picture: landmark building in London, London, Big Ben". Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yan Photo Reference News Network November 5 news media said, to the housing crisis, Britain may have a solution that is unlikely: wealthy foreign students and prefabricated housing. According to Bloomberg News website reported on November 3rd, the foreign direct investment consultancy InvestUK and Hongkong GAW capital group said in a statement that they planned to sell bonds to raise 1 billion pounds, and will be part of the proceeds used to include affordable housing, real estate project funding. Foreign students who invest at least 2 million pounds (about $2 million 460 thousand) will be granted permanent residency after five years. InvestUK chairman Rupert Bogart? Said in an interview: "we can give some China students what they want, namely after graduation obtained permanent residency, as long as they really need investment in britain. This will be the future of economic housing." Britain will only be able to complete half of its residential needs, pushing up prices and rents. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the bonds will be used to invest in the construction of new prefabricated homes — one of the most famous of the buildings that has eased the post-war housing shortage in britain. The funds raised will be invested in gilt edged securities. This bond plan will be 3 days a CBBC conference in Shanghai announced. The proceeds of the securities investment will be issued in the form of scholarships, as a subsidy for the tuition fees for these students. The plan would allow Chinese bondholders to study in the UK through the "first level investment immigration visa", which is usually only available to foreign nationals who invest in gilts or British companies. In November 2014 the British government will be the minimum amount of investment immigration permits to double to 2 million pounds last year, to get a visa to live in Britain, the number of wealthy investors decreased by 84%. Chairman of the China Britain Business Council James Sassoon? Said, these cheap housing investment projects show that Chinese for Britain and forge new contact is still serious. (compile Yuan Xinfang)相关的主题文章: