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Enjoy the burning and looting of "3" and the main plot line Mafia affiliated Mafia 3 area "Mafia 3" look forward to let a lot of game player. Mafia 3 not only enable the new protagonist Lincoln Clay, also uses a new set. Recently, Hangar 13 design director Matthias Worch in an interview with foreign media, revealed the new information of this new work. "Mafia 3" game screen in the interview, Matthias Worch first on the "Mafia 3" feeder tasks are introduced. Compared to the Mafia 2, we are in this new work to better implement the open world setting: the main line of the story has been embedded in the open world, while the line is associated with the main line of the task." Allegedly, when the players walk in the new city of Bordeaux, will be able to find a random spread of some of the courtyard, and in which the illegal behavior of the Mafia are also staged, such as extortion and bribery. This may be the game player quests may help, Vito delivery of smuggled goods or stolen goods, such as to help him get back from the estuary of marijuana to cuba. Sometimes Vito also said he would like to know about their iron buddies Joe related information, although he will give some tips, but the specific circumstances need to help uncover the players. Such tasks are scattered throughout the world of Mafia 3. Mafia 3 game screen there are many open world works like to add some random dynamic events to make the entire game environment looks more real and fresh, mafia 3 is no exception. However, Matthias Worch said that this is not the developers want players to pay attention to the point. "Yes, indeed we will use some random mechanism to ensure that the game content is rich, but the most important thing is that we create a dense population, true to life world, even if the game player in which do not do what, all of this still exists." Mafia 3 will be landing in October 7th Xbox One, PS4 and PC platform. "Mafia 3" game screen (source: 3DM  Editor: unhappy) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: