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Enrique: watch the match 541 completely didn’t expect the team there are problems [Basa] they promoted Tiewei break 1-2 home court can be acknowledged that the Lord Enrique is responsible for the failure of sports Tencent reported in Barcelona in September 10th (in Spanish reporter Zhang Tianqi) Spanish third Basa (official website data) against the newly promoted home court ala Weiss, Enrique sent a very the controversial first, although Messi won the doctor before the green light, but still, Iniesta and Suarez (data) appear together on the bench. In the first half of the 11 people in Barcelona with not only can not talk about the tacit understanding, even the most basic cooperation with each other are pitiful. The second half Enrique replaced Messi, Suarez and Iniesta, but still can not stop the decline of Barcelona, the final Barcelona 1-2 home court losing to Alves, will give up three points. Enrique complexion appeared in the conference after the game, looks like a top student exam fail the exam. Just start answering a reporter’s question, Enrique even somewhat incoherent. For today’s defeat, Enrique is the first to admit that today, Alves 5-4-1 formation completely out of Barcelona coach group had expected, "the formation of Alves had never used before, we have made any preparations for this case." The Alves before the next city, then Basa Mathieu header equalized, but soon overtake Alves. Enrique criticized the team directly. "Today we end very offensive defensive end is not smooth, cannot withstand a single blow. In particular, Alves second goals, we are the defensive side of the low-level errors, which also reflects our Achilles heel." Although Enrique is very depressed, but he will take all the responsibility on their own. "I take full responsibility for the failure, but the problem is not only the first 11 people, the team have problems." When it comes to rival Alves, Enrique unwilling to conceal. "Today’s results are very ugly, and the performance of the opponent you have to praise, this is the most unacceptable." The final player ala Weiss repeated cramp, Nokamp fans to the referee only given 3 minutes of stoppage time very dissatisfied, but Enrique believes that the final failed to tie does not blame the referee, but the team problem. "Three minutes is enough, but in fact, two minutes is enough. And even if the stoppage time more, also will not have much impact on the results, perhaps most level." It is worth mentioning that the coach Alves is Argentine Mauricio Pellegrino, Pellegrino and Barcelona deep roots, he was under the tutelage of Van Gaal and Enrique at the same time, there is a season to the edge of his teammates. Now Pellegrino had defeated fellow Enrique, scored three points from the former club Nokamp. Pellegrino also expressed his past complex with barcelona. "Nokamp is special for me, just like the Barcelona club for me is special, because there is always the highest level of competitive football forever, tolerance and acceptance of the world of football, and integrated into the unique spirit of football."相关的主题文章: