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Environmental protection candle lamp:   light smoke induced   Qiao gold copper (the Newell · the top three ancient lamps series) – environmental protection – people.com.cn double pipe candle lamp archaeological map. Candle lamp archaeological map single pipe. "Archaeological line drawing long letter lanterns", the cultural relics unearthed in Hebei Mancheng Han tomb No. two. "Archaeological line drawing waterfowl Title Fish candle lights", the cultural relics unearthed in Shanxi Han tomb in pingshuo. The lights and lamps are many ophiuroids from the pre Qin period has been to a new type of Han Dynasty created the lamp is installed smoke environmental protection lamp tube, from the concept of environmental protection and can see the wisdom of the ancient ancestors. Hebei city is one of Western Han Dynasty had unearthed a candle light from the lamp room environmental protection — to a connection between the abdominal lamp smoke tube, the lamp can be smoke into the belly, and abdominal wall lamp left on a thin white base, which has proved that water storage. Wisdom of the ancients will add light smoke tube, the lamp light smoke into the abdominal water, which would reduce soot and make indoor clean, undoubtedly played a role in the environmental protection. In Hunan, Wulipai, No. four Changsha of Western Han Dynasty, also have been excavated with double smoke tube lamp, so that flue gas will be more smooth flow. This tube was then known as the "candle", this type of lamp or candle lamp". Refers to the candle tube hollow, "post ·" car; release said: "candle, which is empty, empty." Nanjing University historical relics hidden from the room according to the Changsha Liu Shanxi Tomb of this family name mark lamp, shoulder inscriptions "copper candle". Jin · Xiahou Zhan wrote "candle light Fu", "said this type of lamp light smoke, causing Qiao gold copper" ("Yiwenleiju" volume eight, cited). "Hidden smoke" is its characteristic advantages. Since the southern and Northern Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty’s literary works, this type of lamp is often mentioned. · Qi; Wang Rong poem "poem" "I wish to mantle bottles of wine, blue candle night bright", the "grass" poem "he moves to the money to buy a smile, silver candle shadow hair", Tang · Bai Juyi "Song poem" nishang lying to "play more than listen to music with residual taste, oblique back the silver candle half curtain", are the candle light reflection. Until the Song Dynasty, this type of lamp has been quite rare, like his word "tonight, put the silver candle light, still fear it is a dream", about just in allusion and has. The Qing Dynasty some sound antithesis booklet sometimes referred to as "candle lamp, Weng Yun" on the move "gold of jade treasure of the silver candle lamp, candle", "rhythm" Enlightenment "for Chengdu sang on account of Yu Jia Hui, silver candle". But "Kangxi dictionary" "candle" word "said the deposit Gangfei lights, but also the misuse of the poet". Because of this type of lamp is not visible for the world, about its shape and performance has faded from people’s memory. But the candle lamp is prevalent in the Han Dynasty, and its style is very rich. In Hunan Changsha West Han had unearthed a sweet scented osmanthus candle lamp, cattle in Guangxi Hepu of Western Han Dynasty have been excavated in the Phoenix shaped candle lamp. No. two West Hebei and Mancheng Han tomb unearthed "long letter lanterns", the design is more subtle: the light is kneeling holding lights like maid, the maid right arm on the move, as the smoke tube soot body is left into the palace; control room light, the overall shape looks no made sense. This kind of lamp is more common.相关的主题文章: