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Software More than 200 million people are linked with Gmail email service whereas, around the 40,000 of the total users had experienced the elimination of their Gmail account from their accessibility due to a certain type of bug infection on the server. This had been one of the worst situations worldwide and had upset a lot of users but, later all the email accounts were recovered and returned safely to the users. Although, this sudden breakdown had left all the users clueless about the guaranteed of their Gmail data security and thats when users decided on exploring the backup option provided by Gmail. However, it was observed later on that to Export Gmail messages to PST as a backup copy was a much more feasible option than any other process to backup Gmail data. Meanwhile, a series of advantages of backing up Gmail data are available that are still unknown by many users and so, this segment makes you familiar with some of them. Why Gmail Backup Has Be.e Significant? There are unlimited reasons which have arose the need of backing up Gmail emails and one of the major reasons is the problems occurred in the past with the email service and then the consequences faced by the users before being provided with the solution. If you create backup of Gmail emails then you can store the backed up copy of the emails on a removable device like burn it to a CD, copy it to a pen drive, save it on an external drive, etc. When you export Gmail messages to hard drive you not only get the benefit of having more than one copies of your Gmail emails, but also have the privilege of creating multiple backup files out of the resultant PST file by copy pasting it to different or the same location. Export Gmail messages to PST and you get the exclusive right to encrypt each copy of your backup file as PST files can be encrypted with password protection as well as each single mail message can be encrypted individually for a better protection. Hence, using a third party Gmail Backup application must be used so that the above mentioned benefits are acquirable with ease because, third party tools are easy to be operated for acquiring a solution that is also safe and sound. Gmail Backup tool is one of the best available software solutions that help Backup Gmail messages to PST format without any sort of issues faced during the backing up process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: