Female driver emergency stop online shopping spike was fined 3 points to 200-cashmere mafia

The driver emergency road parking online shopping seckill is 3 points and a fine of 200 Chongqing Evening News – 11 seckill shopping Chongqing high-speed law enforcement detachment of the second no ground for blame, the four brigade has encountered two female flower hand chop. 4 pm yesterday, the Shanghai Chengdu Expressway to the direction of the city of 1345km, a silver MAGOTAN parked in the emergency lane, the left wheel of the white line down, did not open the emergency parking lights, the car around nobody. Law enforcement patrol car parked in the rear of the car, law enforcement officers off view. Approached the car driving position found that the driver holding a cell phone kept playing, the phone interface is displayed on a shopping site. The same is true of the rear passenger. Lee said the driver, 11 nights in the online shopping busy in the middle of the night, spending nearly $20000. Driving to Wanzhou on the way, suddenly remembered that he saw on the Internet two clothes in the afternoon when the spike can be 5, so the car parked in the emergency lane, to see if the second to the already long clothes. Law enforcement officers to laugh and cry. Later, Lee because of non emergency parking in the emergency lane, was sentenced to 3 yuan fine of $200 penalty. Chongqing evening news chief reporter Xia Xiangzhou correspondent ilpo editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: