Foreign media China negative attitude of Japanese Foreign Minister’s visit to China at the Sohu News-diying

Foreign media: China "negative attitude" of Japanese Foreign Minister’s visit to China in spring hopeless – Sohu news [global network reporter Ren Meizi reported] according to the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) February 22nd citing Japanese media reported that due to China "negative attitude", Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio is likely to cancel the original plan to visit China this spring. It is reported that Japan’s Kyodo News quoted a number of Sino Japanese relations news saying that Kishida Fumio "basically decided" to abandon the plan to visit China before and after the spring. Reported that this is "because the Chinese side of the Andouble administration in the South China Sea issue and the DPRK sanctions on the response to dissatisfaction, to accept Kishida’s visit embarrassed."". The Japanese side said it was unhappy. Kyodo News quoted Japanese Foreign Ministry officials as saying, "it is because of different opinions that more dialogue is needed."". "Because China does not show a compromise posture, if the confrontation continues, the improvement of bilateral relations may become more distant."". According to sources, China recently notified Japan that it needed more time to "improve the environment", and the schedule was difficult to adjust, so that it could not receive onshore land. In January 19th, shore land said in a foreign policy speech that he hoped to promote the development of bilateral relations through the planned spring visit to china. However, considering China’s position, Kyodo says many people think it is almost impossible for them to visit China around April. Although many Japanese cabinet officials will be at the end of April during the golden week of the early May visit, but the Japanese government sources said, "unless Beijing changed his mind, otherwise impossible to shore field".

外媒:中国“态度消极”日本外相春天访华无望-搜狐新闻  【环球网报道 记者 任梅子】据英国广播公司(BBC)2月22日援引日媒报道,因中国方面“态度消极”,日本外相岸田文雄很可能取消原定今年春天的访华计划。  据悉,日本共同社援引多名中日关系消息人士的话称,岸田文雄“基本决定”放弃在春季前后访问中国的计划。  报道称,这是“由于中方对安倍政府在南海问题以及对朝鲜制裁上的应对有所不满,对接待岸田来访表示为难”。  日方据称对此颇感不悦。共同社报道援引日本外务省官员的话说,“正是因为意见不同才更需要对话”。“由于中国未表现出妥协姿态,如果对立持续下去,两国关系的改善可能变得更为遥远”。  消息人士透露,中方最近曾知会日本,需要更多时间“完善环境”,日程安排难以调整,无法接待岸田。  1月19日,岸田在一次外交政策演讲中曾表示,希望通过计划中的春季访华推动两国关系发展。不过考虑到中国的立场,共同社称,目前许多人认为,岸田“几乎不可能”在4月前后访问中国。  虽然许多日本内阁官员都会在四月底五月初的黄金周期间出访,但日本政府消息人士称,“除非北京改变主意,否则岸田不可能访华”。相关的主题文章: