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Foreign media: New York bombings two explosive devices were made by the pressure cooker – Beijing, Beijing, September 19, according to foreign media reported on 19, the United States of New York Manhattan detonates 17 days of bombing, and later found in the vicinity of another device, is the "pressure cooker" filled with debris, the explosive device with the 2013 Boston marathon bombings similar. The evening of 17 local time, New York Chelsea community explosion, resulting in a total of 29 people were injured, of which 1 were seriously injured. After the explosion, the explosion was caused by an explosive device placed in the trash. Shortly thereafter, law enforcement officers in a few blocks away from the explosion site found second suspected explosive device, and its removal. U.S. media had quoted sources as saying that the second explosive device made of a pressure cooker, pressure cooker is wrapped around the tape, cloth leads, and connected to the mobile phone detonated. According to the latest news, senior officials said the law enforcement departments, explosives and two explosive devices on 17 have used a clamshell mobile phone and Christmas lights line to detonate the pressure cooker. New York officials said 18, there is no organization claimed responsibility for the bombing of New York, investigators are investigating the motive of the incident, the injured were injured in the explosion were all discharged from the hospital in 29.相关的主题文章: