Foreign media Russia has not yet signed the agreement to sell 35 of China’s exports are worried abou-clazziquai

Foreign media: Russia has not signed the agreement on sales of Su 35 worry about technology copied data figure: Su -35 fighter Reference News Network November 19 news media said, Russia has not yet formally signed on the sale of Chinese Su -35 fighter and S-400 ground to air missile system protocol. At present, Moscow has agreed in principle to sell advanced weapons to china. According to the "national interest" bimonthly website reported on November 15th, the executive director of the center for policy research in Russia chairman, retired lieutenant general Yevgeniy · burzynski November 15th speech at the national interests of the United States at the center said: "first of all, we need to be clear that Russia is not to sell the China military equipment. Russia and China are very difficult and difficult negotiations." Reported that although Russia has agreed in principle to sell advanced weapons to China, but the deal has not yet finalized. In the meantime, however, the leaders of the two countries signed an agreement on the protection of intellectual property rights in russia. Moscow wants to prevent China from stealing Russian technology". Bbu Ren J Ki said: "Russia agreed in principle to sell S-400 and Su -35 to china. We have signed an agreement on the protection of intellectual property rights, which is a prerequisite for the sale of the Soviet -35 fighter." Bbu Ren J Ki said that Russia will not take preventive measures, to provide valuable military technology to china. China’s future purchase of Soviet -35 will not be the same version of the Russian air force to use the same. Bbu Ren J Ki said: "we have two versions, one is for personal use, and the other is for export. China is very good at imitating various types of military equipment." Reported that, even so, Russia still believes that its military technology is still very safe, especially critical AL-41F1S engine technology. Bbu Ren J Ki said: China can not make this engine. Although Russia agreed to sell China Su -35, but fortunately, the technical staff told me, China virtually impossible to imitate Soviet -35 engine, because Chinese to master the core technology of the engine, the engine must be a breakthrough in technology." Reported that China may plan to buy 24 advanced Russian -35 fighter jets from Russia, but most observers believe that the purpose of the purchase of the Soviet Union -35 Beijing is to obtain the advanced technology of the aircraft. Although Chinese is developing advanced stealth fighter, such as f -20 and -31, but the fact that Chinese in jet engine technology still lags behind the world advanced level. As everyone knows, J -20 the use of the Russian AL-31FN engine. But the Russian design of this engine is the original intention of the Soviet version of the -27 to provide power.相关的主题文章: