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Team-Building Why? Because experience has shown that the strongest teams with the most notable victories were teams made up of a content, motivated group of workers. Go back to the beginning of politics to experience how well Alexander The Great treated his soldiers! Remember to keep these positive pointers at the forefront whenever you are planning a team building activity. 1. Teach .passion Part of strengthening an effective team is to instill a sense of sympathy in your team mates, the same sympathy you provide them as a trainer. There is such a thing as .petitiveness in organisation, but there is also a concept accepted as mutual respect. A team whose members respect each other is willing to drop grudges, to overlook personality differences and to focus on a shared purpose. This team that is built on sympathy will usually have more success than a team motivated by greed, intimidation or other forms of negativity. 2. Teach Spirituality What does spirituality have to do with team work? Isn’tIs not religious discussion inappropriate when you are at work? Spirituality is a incredibly broad term not necessarily related to faith, but related to human interaction. Probably not by coincidence, some helpful team building methods are based on principles found in different religions, for example the Golden Rule and Karma. Spirituality in this work context simply means, regardless of your religious feelings, workers ought to have a deeper value system than just self-gratification. Helping others to flourish, putting forth positive contributions and handling success modestly are all aspects of spirituality that can helpaid you in the workplace. 3. Encourage your workers to Progress. Helping your workers to excel as a team, ironically involves helping them to grow as individuals. Before you can focus their efforts in a team direction, it is best to first appeal to each member’s individual objectives. Visualisation games are helpful for workers to imagine their success free of restrictions, and fire up their ambition. A team ought to be made up of confident, goal-oriented people. 4. Encourage Leadership Potential Part of a trainer’s job is to encourage workers to advance towards leadership. A range of events, for example role play scenarios, can help in this training. When planning group events try and limit the number of people on each team to two or three. This lets everyone to get involved in the process. Even teams with four or five individuals may be an ideal setting for a potential leader to respond to the challenge. Use thought provoking events in training rather than more .petitive and simplistic activities, as this allows individuals to unite and to excel in their skills. Being a team builder is all about encouraging progress and helping individuals to reach their goals in a team setting. Remembering these values will always make your job rewarding and earn your workers trust. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: