Frank Zhang Shuai anger spray reporter controversial Mentor she does not understand daguanqiang (vid-cibi

Frank Zhang Shuai anger spray reporter controversial Mentor: she does not know Zhang Shuai daguanqiang two straight out of the group of volunteers walk around Zhang Shuai Tucao lost 2 rival Baofa sports Tencent to November 3rd (King Yi Wei) Zhuhai classic broke into the top 4, ranking immediately reached a record high of 23 season, the total prize money over millions of dollars…… For Zhang Shuai, November 3rd was a memorable day. Then, due to several times in the game and remind the audience do not move, after facing reporters on the "court etiquette" topic turns questions, Zhang Shuai could not endure long accumulated emotion, leave early. Zhang Shuai choked the audience after the conference to leave early WTA Zhuhai classic third game, Zhang Shuai hit 7 ACE to 7-6 (2) 6-4’s Hungarian fierce female Babos, made the group two game winning streak, the identity of the American team to successfully qualify for the semi-finals. In this game, Zhang Shuai in a move ready to catch the audience expressed dissatisfaction, motioned for them to sit down. "Please sit down, or you will go out. What’s going on, you know the rules." "I was there for a long time, ready to receive the service, has been waiting there for seven or eight seconds. Due to the scene (the audience) to move around, the opponent did not serve, re shot the ball, I squatted there for 20 seconds, legs to acid, and then hit the frame directly." After the game, the press conference, for the audience to move around, Zhang Shuai once again expressed his dissatisfaction. Compared to winning, ranking and bonuses, we seem to be more concerned about the impact of fans due to Zhang Shuai, a series of questioning, but also let the mood of the wave of Zhang Shuai. "I’ve always been this way (to remind the audience of the rules), but in the past the first round out, no one concerned…… I am not saying that only in the country, there are also foreign fans moving around the game, I will remind or complain…… Why do you forgive people who don’t follow the rules, but they don’t tolerate players who maintain their own interests?" In the face of a reporter for time, Zhang Shuai can do some change in dealing with this issue of Zhang Shuai said: "I don’t need to let everyone understand, also do not need to make everyone happy, I only need you happy now, I don’t need you to teach me how to do it, I know that I was the most what people do at that time, I just want to do what?" At this point, Zhang Shuaiyue said the more excited, but also did not wait to announce the end of the press conference to get up and leave the scene. Mentor busy to open the conference to explain in Zhang Shuai after the departure of her coach, Liu Shuo immediately understand the situation quickly also held a press conference to reporters to explain. "Zhang Shuai is such a blunt man, she may not know some players like the sleek, daguanqiang. From my point of view, Zhang Shuai is right, what is wrong with being a player for his rights? You are right, because everyone’s starting point is also very good, thank you for so many years of Zhang Shuai’s attention, regardless of her time or bad time." But Liu Shuocheng said. Conference site, Liu Shuo also revealed that because of the good results this season, Zhang Shuai has won the favor of heavyweight sponsors, I hope everyone will focus on the game itself. Chinese season Zhang Shuai has repeatedly been dry.相关的主题文章: