French photographer took pictures 170 years ago to retain the ancient Egyptian

Method the photographer picture was taken 170 years ago to retain the ancient Egyptian scenery nearly 170 years ago, the French photographer Mar Sim Dukamp (Maxime Du Camp) with friend Gustave Flaubert Gustaf (Gustave Flaubert) exploration of ancient Egypt, the first use of photography captured the wonder of the ancient Egyptian landscapes. At present, these precious photos are being sold at high prices. Mar Sim’s father is a wealthy surgeon in france. Between 1849 and 1851, Mar Sim was supported by the French government, and the famous writer friend, Gustave Flaubert, went deep into ancient egypt. After hard to desert, Mar Sim used his Calotype camera and tripod three shot a picture of the legendary pictures, including the Egyptian pyramids, Sphinx and Aswan statue etc.. Gustave Flaubert wrote in the essay, "I don’t know this about photography craze finally will make Mar Sim crazy, but it is certain that through his efforts, the people of this suffering from bullying, savage culture is in the industrialization on the eve of the area have a better understanding." Mar Sim shot 59 black and white photos not only for the first time in ancient Egypt will be presented in the eyes of the world, but also the first time in the history of human travel photos. Currently, these precious photos are online auction, the initial valuation of 15 thousand pounds (about RMB 130 thousand). But Paul Mills, an antique dealer, Mills (Paul) believes that the final price of each photo may be more than 760 pounds (about RMB 6642). He said, "these photographs show the historical changes, it reflects a person’s beliefs — in a just born 20 years, Mar Sim has risked his life into the desert hinterland, long time shooting, admirable." (author: Intern bud Valley: commissioning editor) source: global network相关的主题文章: