From rice cultivation to the field of space technology, China ASEAN cooperation in the field of tech-kairui

From rice planting to space technology China ASEAN technology transfer expanding cooperation areas – Beijing, China News Agency, Nanning (reporter Meng Mingming) in September 12, most of the ASEAN countries on the basis of agriculture, and the first China cooperation in science and technology, in planting, breeding, plant diseases and insect pests based on Agricultural science and technology. Today, such cooperation in full bloom, extended to modern agriculture, electronic information, new energy, high-speed rail, bio medicine and other high-tech fields, and even in the field of space. 10 years ago, some simple agricultural machinery, irrigation tools is the most urgent need in Kampuchea, and now, we must provide green, recycling of modern agricultural technology." The work of modern agricultural technology promotion in Kampuchea Guangxi fuwode international agricultural technology cooperation company executive director Yan Lan Hui this deep feelings. On the outskirts of Phnom Penh, promote agricultural demonstration base Center reconstruction, by Chinese fuwode in Cambodia government, agriculture, science and technology Chinese from everywhere. In the base, dozens of Kampuchea agricultural technicians and farmers are learning training. "Now the base of the crop irrigation has been digitized, and remote monitoring. The next three years, we will train agricultural technicians and farmers in Kampuchea, a total of 4000 people, the total area of agricultural demonstration and promotion of more than 10 thousand hectares, driven by crop yields increased by more than 25%." The implementation of the project, said LAN Hui flame. This is a microcosm of China and Kampuchea in the transfer of technology cooperation, and China ASEAN cooperation in science and technology, not only in agriculture, not only Kampuchea. By the Ministry of science and technology of China, in order to promote the technology transfer and innovation cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, China ASEAN technology transfer center was established in Guangxi, China in 2013. As of now, the center has established bilateral technology transfer center and Kampuchea, Burma, Laos, Thailand and other ASEAN countries, with members of a cooperative network of more than 2000 enterprises, including ASEAN countries, nearly 600 enterprises, contributed a total of 393 technical cooperation agreement signed on China and enterprises in ASEAN countries, the agreement amount of more than 600 million yuan. In these cooperation projects, both ASEAN urgently needed in the field of new energy technologies such as solar, biogas, also has a network application, the electronic information field of mobile phone games and other projects, as well as the marine science and technology, bio pharmaceutical and other high-tech projects. In September 11th, the fourth session of the Chinese ASEAN technology transfer and innovation cooperation conference held in Nanning, the two sides of a number of key scientific and technological cooperation projects were signed, including the Sino Vietnamese border of agricultural science and technology corridor, joint planning, Thailand health medical technology research center, China Solar Cambodia Agricultural Technology demonstration park and a number of projects. Malaysia science and technology innovation minister Maddie, Austria? When the speech at the meeting said that ASEAN not lag behind in the global science and technology cooperation tide, to strengthen bilateral cooperation in science and technology innovation cooperation relations background in Chinese – ASEAN, to make science and technology into China ASEAN genes, from the most basic field to the field of space that should have the cooperation between the two sides of the figure. In the technology transfer and cooperation between China and ASEAN, satellite data, Beidou application, a number of ASEAN countries and China has been exhibited相关的主题文章: