Fuji’s first medium format without anti gfx 50s to Geek toys (video) sunny came home

Fuji’s first medium format without anti GFX 50S to Geek toys Tencent digital news (Translation: Esther) Fuji image in the World Expo has just been held on the release of the new GFX format 50S no, and this new appearance also attracted a lot of attention. GFX 50S is the first launch of Fuji large size medium format sensor – products, Fuji said to bring has "overwhelming" quality for the user. However, although the effect is outstanding, but the price should not be vague judgment, according to our experience, GFX 50S kit price should not be less than $10 thousand (about 66700 yuan). GFX 50S is equipped with a 5140 pixel sensor, the sensor must be larger than the full frame 1.7 times. In addition, this is also equipped with anti G bayonet lens focal plane shutter and other new features, we may wish to quickly get started on this new Fuji professional medium format – new. The design consideration of GFX 50S is a Taiwan format camera, so when I will take it in the hands of GFX 50S, it is better than I expected some light, but it also gave me a deep impression. Although the overall body size in the field of anti not compact, but as a product plus Taichung frame, the huge size of the lens and the sensor, GFX 50S this volume is basically quite good. Not small enough to allow GFX 50S to hold in the hands of a very good feel, not only very comfortable, but also has a certain sense of heaviness. Although GFX 50S is not as retro as Fuji’s X series, but if you look closely, you will find some unique beauty. In order to control the volume, Fuji canceled the viewfinder in GFX 50S, so GFX 50S also allows the body to become smaller and lighter. But for such a professional camera viewfinder, absolutely is a very important part, especially in three when using a tripod collocation. Fortunately, GFX 50S offers an external viewfinder, and no additional purchase, so a little money for users to save. But when are you going to buy second viewfinder, entered the burn stage. But with the viewfinder has been able to meet the basic simple shooting needs, unless you are more professional people. GFX 50S display also uses a reversible design, and support touch operation, which is much stronger than SONY. At the top of the GFX 50S, we will see the fast switching dial and ISO dial, but if you want to change the aperture, but also through the lens to adjust. Fuji for the first batch of GFX 50S equipped with three lenses, and will be listed before the end of 2017. After all, GFX 50S uses a new bayonet, so there will be a new lens collocation. In addition, GFX 50S also provides an external battery pack and other accessories, as well as many professionals to create accessories products, we do not introduce. Although we have only a short period of time in the show, we have the opportunity to experience the GFX 50S, but it’s auto focus speed.相关的主题文章: