G2 single I think FNC no chance to get S6 quota-restorator

G2: after I think FNC does not have any chance to get the S6 number in G2 3-1 to win the second LCS championship this year, in a single player PerkZ received Red Bull gaming interview, in the interview, he talked about his team to play some of his own views on the results of bubble game. "Although we lost the second game, but we have a very strong ability to adapt, because each player has a deep pool of heroes, so it is difficult to limit us in the lineup." "The vampire is a very powerful hero, often seen in the training session. The vampire is very suitable for playing early, and he told you the most line balance, or by pressure, so I think he is still a strong choice." As for the upcoming race bubbling, PerkZ gives this answer, "I think there are 90% possible SPY will get a quota of third, GIA and FNC had no chance, UOL has a bit of a chance. SPY is stronger, so I’m sure they will win in the end. Although UOL also have the opportunity to come up with some SPY unexpected lineup. However, in general, or SPY will go to the world championships, they deserve this quota." "We may rest for four or five days, and then will go to Korea training for two weeks, and then go to the world championship." The bubble will be the first round at the beginning of this Saturday, the first round will be UOL against GIA 1/4 final replay. (play plus)相关的主题文章: