G20 gold and silver commemorative coins prices continue to fall yuria

The G20 summit of gold and silver coins prices continue to fall, the long march price continues to rise, Maitreya copper gold chapter turnover popular information: International Spot gold on Tuesday (September 27th), slightly higher, and try to explore the current level of $1340, the U.S. presidential election the first debate is hot, analysts believe that if Trump prevails, then the price of gold may gain risk aversion support. Monday (September 26th) the rise in the U.S. presidential election debate before the political uncertainty, the U.S. dollar against a basket of currencies, European stock markets fell, the price of gold in early New York session had hit an intraday high of $1343, the basic income level. The long march 80 anniversary commemorative coins price continued to rise today, gold and silver coin dealers price rose to around 7200 yuan, a single silver is in the vicinity of 1200, continue to go high opened. The total gold silver bar of the year the price of chicken at steady state, today offer 50 grams still at 335 yuan, 100 in the vicinity of 670, 200 grams, 500 grams and 1000 grams of quotation is respectively 1340, 3350 and 6700 near. Continue to take the amount of chicken wing. Another recent sale of the new Shenyang Mint Co. 120 Anniversary – the memorial bronze badge, hand pieces of Maitreya copper and silver chapter 45MM chapter Mount Jiuhua attention rising, price in 300, 298 and 980 near the buying, trading hot. G20 summit gold and silver commemorative coins prices continue to fall, the current network of inter currency traders offer down to 5700 yuan, the price of a single silver coins reported near 1100-1150 yuan. Tang Xianzu gold and silver coins today reported near 3850, a single silver continued near 660, a small number of transactions. Shenyang 120 anniversary plus the word Panda Gold Coins today offer around 3600, single silver slightly to 630-650 interval, buying trading is weak. The 70 anniversary of ordinary commemorative coins card book today market price is basically no change, still in the vicinity of 15 yuan, China space ordinary commemorative coins 141 yuan book, 2016 new year ordinary commemorative coins card book the whole newspaper near 25 yuan buying the whole volume, trading is very good. New aspects of Dazu stone turnover is still in the doldrums, continue to the dull market. Dazu treasure network offer today near 4300, a slight change in price of silver single turnover of about 600-620 kg, silver rose slightly to 13600, a small amount of the transaction, 150 grams of gold rose slightly to 125000. 2016 auspicious series of cultural heritage is still in the stable state. Panda coins prices fluctuate with the market, quietly walk. 16 sets of cat annuity today in the 16500 interval, 30 grams of silver cat in the vicinity of the 151-151.5 small transactions, the market is relatively steady, 30 grams, 15 grams, 8 grams of gold price fluctuation with the cat were about 8630, 4320 and 2340, 3 grams and 1 grams of gold cat were reported by 940 and 360, slightly fine-tuning. 16 years, the price of 150 grams of gold cat rose slightly to about $49000, about $50 grams of gold cat 15000-15100, with a small number of market turnover. 150 years 16 grams of silver cat 1180)相关的主题文章: