Gansu will foster a new driving force for the development of agricultural modernization – Gansu Chan-misao

Gansu will foster a new impetus to the development of agricultural modernization — Gansu channel — original title: Gansu will foster a new impetus to the development of agricultural modernization "13th Five-Year" period, Gansu province will promote the innovation and application of agricultural science and technology, fostering the growth of new agricultural business entities, the development of various forms of moderate scale management, the implementation of the "Internet plus" modern agriculture action, cultivate new impetus to the development of agricultural modernization. In order to strengthen the modern agricultural science and technology support, Gansu province will strengthen the promotion of modern agricultural science and technology innovation system construction, cultivation of agricultural scientific research with domestic and international competitiveness of the team, the establishment of "The Belt and Road" dry farming, water-saving agricultural demonstration zone for international cooperation; to strengthen the construction of national and provincial agricultural science and Technology Park, around food, horticultural facilities, aquaculture, the ecological cycle of agriculture, strengthen the agricultural technology innovation ability; strengthen the promotion of new varieties, new technologies and new models, and accelerate the transformation and application of agricultural science and technology achievements; the construction of agricultural IOT technology service platform; highlight the new occupation farmer training, enhance innovation and ability to support agricultural technology; the completion of 200 provincial agricultural science and technology demonstration base. Our province will vigorously develop professional large, family farms, farmers’ specialized cooperative organizations, leading enterprises, agricultural investment group of new agricultural business entities; to promote the reform of state owned enterprise restructuring; to guide social capital to participate in agricultural industrialization management; agricultural industrialization leading enterprises to support a number of comprehensive strength strong, the formation of large enterprise groups, agriculture listed companies; industrialization leading enterprises cultivate more than 10 total assets amounted to 100 million yuan, the annual sales income of more than 1 billion yuan to support the development of cooperatives; processing of agricultural products circulation and supplying direct and guide farmers’ professional cooperatives combined, form a set of cold chain logistics, warehousing, processing, packaging, distribution at the beginning of the integration of joint agency model 3000, focus on the cultivation model of family farms and 7000 demonstration farmer cooperatives; accelerate the rural land contracting right In the land ownership registration certification work, custody, investment and other forms of land management rights, the development of multi-level moderate scale management. In addition, the province will strengthen the construction of agricultural information service system, promote the integration of the Internet and the marketing of agricultural products e-commerce enterprise depth, multi-channel training has a certain scale, expand the online product sales type and quantity; deepen the Internet and agricultural social service integration, the establishment of agricultural production and supply information platform, accelerate the construction of management system the land collective assets, the collective resources network; Internet promotion and agricultural integration, integration and application of various kinds of science and technology, enhance the efficiency of agricultural production and value-added space; promote the Internet and agricultural products quality management integration, establish and improve the characteristics of agricultural product quality traceability system; accelerate rural informationization training, promote the integration of the Internet with intelligent agriculture, the use of networking technology, network and intelligence for the modern "Breeding" new model of ecological agriculture. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)相关的主题文章: