German SIEMENS executives look forward to the G20 summit in Hangzhou green growth plan seaway

SIEMENS executives: looking forward to the G20 summit in Hangzhou of Beijing – green growth plan in August 30 Berlin news agency Xinhua: German SIEMENS executives: looking forward to the G20 summit in Hangzhou New Agency reporter Peng Dawei "green growth plan for the Hangzhou summit, I expect can propose a resource saving and environment friendly growth plan." German SIEMENS shares management committee member Busch (Dr.Roland) recently accepted an exclusive interview with China News Agency reporter expressed the vision of the above. He also delivered the voice of the German economy: China is expected to maintain strong economic growth. SIEMENS is one of Germany’s most famous companies in the world’s top 500, but also Germany’s "industrial 4 Platform" leading group members, is regarded as the pioneer of the German industrial strategy of the 4. As members of the CMC, the competent business of SIEMENS Ren Bole Asia and Australia region, several large plate and is responsible for the global industrial giant energy management, building technology, transportation, construction technology and sustainable development. G20 is expected to give the resources environment friendly growth plan in Bole is the first G20 kernel, a discussion of how the global economy forum ", to avoid the global economy into kinetic energy depletion is the problem of justice". "The outcome of last year’s United Nations Conference on climate change in Paris shows that countries have chosen the right path. Now everything is ready, only the lack of "Paris agreement" into concrete measures, and at the same time to ensure that the global economy to maintain a corresponding level of growth." Bole Ren believes that at this stage, how to improve the efficiency of resource use for planning the next strategy is very important, only to increase the technical inputs, is the only feasible way". In order to realize the vision, Bole Ren said, SIEMENS at the Hangzhou summit of the G20 sent representatives to participate in the relevant working group on the agenda. Looking forward to China’s strong growth is willing to "made in China 2025" to do more "German economic circles look forward to China to maintain strong economic growth." Talk about cooperation in the economic field in Germany, Bole Jen said, the two countries have drawn on work together to open the future of manufacturing this grand blueprint, so the two sides must be from the following aspects and strive to achieve the "4 industry" and "China manufacturing mutual butt 2025 more closely: the two countries should work together to build a set of system can be embedded to the world manufacturing system standard; has been advocated by the government China docking demonstration project, the two sides should further strengthen cooperation on the basis of the existing strength; at the same time, the two countries should also train a number of future oriented manufacturing professionals. "One thing is clear: to create a higher value added, China must provide the manufacturing industry with the necessary knowledge and skills for the future." Bole Ren believes that the German "dual system" occupation education system can play for China to learn from the example. "SIEMENS from many years ago has been involved in the Sino German vocational education cooperation, in today ‘s’ industrial 4′ butt ‘made in China’ framework, we will send 2025)相关的主题文章: