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"Goodfellas" Lan Xiaolong: domestic drama aesthetic level have been backwards – Sohu LAN chat entertainment marvic "Goodfellas" the story of the creation of     Sohu entertainment news (from Marston Zhuang Xiuwen map Xiaoming video) by Li Chen, Zhang Yi starred in the war drama "Goodfellas" [opera] is in Beijing TV premiere, simultaneously broadcast video Sohu in. Recently, Sohu entertainment interview drama screenwriter Lan Xiaolong, talk about the story of the creation of the drama. Compared with the characteristics of most writers do not write well, Lan Xiaolong is an exception. He created a number of high ratings high reputation TV series, such as "soldier assault", "my head of my regiment," "the line of life and death," and so on, it seems to be a sign of the living world, the name is the quality assurance. But he is also a quick thinking, respondents speed fast, for all comers, view the attitude, occasionally showed a focus on the creation of the writer’s little playfully. As for the work of the ratings, he said as a writer, it’s never in his account, but it certainly is "Goodfellas" will gain good reputation; for the popular fantasy series, he said they would not rule out to try, but be not now like fantasy drama; he bluntly the color values of the Spy Drama, "I never see, so unable to talk about it", more sharp, he pointed out sharply, in recent years the domestic drama aesthetic level have been backwards, the domestic TV market more and more like the cheap goods market in Yiwu.   Lan Xiaolong on "Goodfellas" is different from the current war drama lines with philosophical meaning? – no, no! When the straight, bend when the bending of the entertainment Sohu: this drama called "Goodfellas", what is the meaning? Lan Xiaolong: it’s a lot of fun. I was a reason for this name is the most important "Goodfellas" can be a word, but also contains a lot of things, the mood words in flavor. Instead we see this play, the first time to understand the "Goodfellas" is good. However, it must contain the meaning of good people. I love this stuff polysemy. Of course, it is inevitable because of the name of good catchy, easy to remember, this is a very important part. Sohu involved in Entertainment: war drama, the writer chose to write more Spy Drama, why did you write more legendary war drama? Lan Xiaolong: strictly speaking, I don’t think it can be counted as a war drama, but I think it’s more like Westerns and cold war movies. If I’m going to write a war show, it’s not the kind of war. It’s not just because the first half of the film was shot in the northwest, but because it was something that was inside the west. The westerns pursue that kind of big space, big visual space, small fighting space, and so on. Sohu Entertainment: Why did the play find Li Chen and Zhang Yilai? Lan Xiaolong: lazy. In particular, the play was a time node, then we do not have time to run, and the brothers together, it is not necessary to run in time. Sohu entertainment:.相关的主题文章: