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GoPro all the recall Karma UAV analyst: on the sale of 2500 units? Science and technology science and technology Sohu – Sohu Wenwang Xue Ying in November 10th, according to foreign media sources said, GoPro officially announced the recall of about 2500 Karma UAV, the reason is "in rare circumstances, Karma will lose power during operation, but there is no harm or property damage report", which is also listed on the Karma distance the past is just less than 17 days. Affected by this, GoPro shares fell 10%. In fact, in recent years a UAV development has been quite fast, many people in the industry are also very optimistic about its future prospects. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman had said, believe that its new no chance to become a dark horse in the market, and vigorously enhance the ability to implement the UAV market. However, just last week, GoPro Q3 just because of slower than expected revenue and quietly lowered its annual sales plan. The global recall of 2500 new UAVs, is undoubtedly another blow to the GoPro. "It is not surprising, but led us to question the reliability management Piper Jaffray & Co. analyst Erinn Murphy pointed out that" we are not only surprised to GoPro of the original level of sales, at the same time we also believe that Karma will not be able to return the key shopping season". It turned out that, for Karma, compared to recall the incident itself, people want to side to know more about this is the high hopes of GoPro UAV sold". In other words, although GoPro is pointed out in the recall "since October 23rd since the release of the" Karma "part of a UAV", but the media that, because GoPro had been not released sales data in detail, not excluded from the October 23rd sale date, the actual delivery of real number GoPro Karma unmanned machine is only 2500 taiwan. If the case is true, GoPro in the UAV market, the battle can be described as a loss of the wife and soldiers". It is reported that, CEO Nick Woodman said GoPro is working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct in-depth investigation of this incident. GoPro will take all measures to simplify the return and refund procedures to ensure that as soon as Karma users return. It is worth noting that the GoPro and Karma period is Disasters pile up on one another., Hero 5 Sports Camera due to capacity problems and trouble. Nick Woodman at last week’s earnings conference has said that due to production problems, GoPro Hero 5 Black camera and Karma UAV sales are lower than expected. "Now, the two pillars of GoPro growth are in danger," Bloomberg Intelligencem相关的主题文章: