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Grading fund investment ecosystem or change to grab to raise the risk of grading A hidden Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: the classification of fund investment ecosystem has changed or "game player" suffered a new test / reporter Wu Xiaojing, editor of the longbow "a ripple". More than a year after the suspension of the approval of the classification fund, guidance on the operation of the fund will be forthcoming, which may further change the level of investment funds ecosystem. Many people in the industry expected, "new rules" once landed, the classification of the fund investment threshold will enhance, the classification of the fund investors will be more customers and institution, and many do not have the financial strength to retail investors will have to leave. This means that the development of a grading fund will be more standardized; on the other hand, the future of the game classification fund will be more complex, more professional, want to obtain excess returns on investment grade will also become more difficult. Inside the liquidity or further reducing the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the classification of funds business management guidelines for comments, the last 20 trading days of the day under the name of the securities assets of not less than 300 thousand yuan in total for investors to buy sub fund and the conditions of a spin off of the parent fund. In the industry view, the new regulations for the impact of B share, will be far greater than the share of A. A has always been the organization players position from the semi annual data in 2016, the proportion of institutional investors accounted for about 8 of A, while the proportion of B accounted for the proportion of individual investors accounted for up to about 9. According to China Securities analyst Ma Gang statistics, more than 300 thousand of assets in the accounts and hold number of grade B customer accounts only about 3000 households, accounting for about 20% or so, which means that 80% of the B share investors is not up to the threshold of the "new rules". A large fund companies in the industry admitted that if the implementation of the new regulations, nearly 8 of investors will not reach the threshold, which means that a large number of small and medium retail investors will leave the venue liquidity will be further reduced. Dacheng Fund official said, the short term, the investment threshold of 300 thousand yuan will be part of the medium and small investors in the door, who already holds the classification fund but does not meet the conditions of the investment in the stock of customers, is currently not only, which can be sold and redeemed, which will reduce the number of products for investors. In the long run, the threshold will improve the level of the fund investors will make greater customization, institutionalization, but also to promote the standardization of the development of grading fund. Rush to raise the risk of grading A hidden yesterday, the level of A re access to funds sought after, have a strong rise, while behind the boom, then hidden investment risk. According to the Oriental Wealth Choice data statistics, the turnover of more than 2 million yuan yesterday, a total of grade A, of which there are up to 44, accounting for more than 7 into, only a slight decline of only the remaining 6 flat. In the industry view, "new rules" for the short term A share little effect, and is expected to push up the share of A to rise further, the theory.相关的主题文章: