Guangdong 1 batches of honey was found to have chloramphenicol WAL-MART

Guangdong 1 batches of honey was found to have WAL-MART sold 1 batches of chloramphenicol in honey was found to have chloramphenicol related enterprises said the products in question has been completely recovered and destroyed the Nandu news reporter Yi Xiaoxia state food and Drug Administration in the 20 days hanging out in the latest issue of sampling information display, sampling inspection organized in the near future of food and food products, edible oil, oil and its products, bee products, beverages and other 4 categories of food samples of 445 batches, Shenzhen WAL-MART retail Co. Ltd. Foshan branch Guicheng nominal sales Guangzhou baoshengyuan Limited by Share Ltd Guangzhou China bee products factory production of winter (wood duck feet honey) and the nine Shanxi Tak Industrial Company Limited nominal sales Shanxi Zhong min Group Limited production of peanut sesame oil Zhong min, unqualified. The former is a well-known brand of honey in Guangdong. Yesterday, the Nandu reporter linked to the company’s marketing director Cai Zhongxin, according to reports, the product is actually produced in February this year, has been recovered and destroyed under the shelf. Nandu reporters look at the food and Drug Administration announcement, the announcement did not show specific sampling time, said only the recent". But notice annex in the bee product supervision and sampling of substandard product information, there are marked, the production date of the problem is February 17, 2016. "As early as February, we received the relevant departments of the test results, the product was immediately on the shelf recall." According to Cai Zhongxin introduction, the number of product production is more than 1 thousand bottles, has been recovered and has been destroyed. The market has not been able to buy the batch of products. Inspection report shows that the detection value of 2.02 batches of products of chloramphenicol g kg, and the standard is not detected, sampling from the announcement shows that there is no chloramphenicol super exceed the standard problem, but do not allow. So, why have a number of brands, a number of batches of products are out of this problem? According to Cai Zhongxin introduction, the reason for the occurrence of chloramphenicol in honey, bee farmers because of illness or in order to avoid the bee sick, and the use of illegal drugs. Report: Nandu reporter Yi Xiaoxia into [shares] discuss Sina Finance相关的主题文章: