Guangzhou Metro 3 new routes through the tunnel line thirteen completed 78% opened by the end of nex-demonophobia

Guangzhou Metro 3 new routes through the tunnel line thirteen opened by the end of next year completed 78% Nafangwang hearing (reporter Huang Zujian Fu Chaojun correspondent media Lu Kang Wen Meichun) reporter learned from Guangzhou Metro Group, metro line thirteen first 12# shield wells ~ left line, fish bead interval line fourteen a phase at the Jiahe intermediate air shaft ~ Kong to Dongping Dongping station interval in the left line, west line twenty-one interval ~ Changping interval left line and other three series were recently through the tunnel shield. It is understood that the first phase of line thirteen 12# shield well to the Pearl River area of the left line length of 1076 meters, the use of slurry shield construction. The interval line wear many buildings, warehouses, river and railway, geological risk, security risk. To speed up the construction, ensure the construction goal, the shield machine in the 12# shield wells originating site does not have the condition, the shield machine body, has overcome the boring knife mud cake, small radius curve continuous excavation, wear, wear side driving construction problems of housing than planned 10 days ahead of schedule to complete the task of driving. Up to now, thirteen line of the first phase of civil engineering completed a total of 78%, is expected to open at the end of next year. The No. fourteen line of a Jiahe Wang Gang ~ airshaft to Dongping range in Dongping station interval length of 1.9 kilometers, the left line of the interval is all second sections of single track through the tunnel. As of now, a period of the civil engineering No. fourteen line 53%, 13 station, Jiang Pu and Shi Hu station of the main structure of the cap, the other for the construction, a total of 17 sets of shield machine in normal driving, the cumulative heading accounted for 50% of the total shield interval; Line No. twenty-one civil engineering totaled 52%, 21 stations in the 8 blocks have been capped, there are 2 through 20 intervals. Editor: GDN002相关的主题文章: