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Guatemala City of Antigua: a Indian style – the ancient city of Antigua city tourism Sohu (attached Raiders) history, capital of Guatemala in 1524 after the establishment of the colony is the earliest in the Mayan city of Iximche, by the end of 1527 to Rio Guacalate, but still use the original name of the city. However, the city in the 1541 Nianhuiyuhuoshan outbreak. In early 1543, the Spanish colonial government to rebuild the capital of Guatemala in today’s Antigua (Antigua). For the next 200 years, Antigua was the capital of the colonial government of guatemala. Around Antigua, there are three volcanoes, the largest one is the south of the city of (Volcan de Agua), elevation of M. 1717 and 1773, two consecutive volcanic earthquake caused most of the damage to the building in Antigua city. In 1776, the colonial authorities received orders from the king of Spain to move the capital to Guatemala City today. Antigua is one of the few cities in the world surrounded by volcanoes. In many parts of the town, people can see Agua de on their heads up (Volcan). We came to Antigua, a city of charm is the experience, it is more important to climb it near the Pacaya volcano (Pacaya). We are the day before yesterday when the car arrived on the car through the driver Aili to buy tickets to Antigua today. Aili English is very good, going in to Syria Quinn when he stopped the car and said, if you want to buy tickets please as early as possible, because the area of a lot of people, need two or three days in advance booking is reliable. The car all listen to him, buy a ticket. We bought two tickets from Quinn to Antigua at the price of 150Q per day. To stay at the hotel to see the wall bulletin, found in the hotel booking only 110Q. Last night, while we were walking in the town, we found a traffic agent, and they only got an offer of 90Q! Painful lesson ah, will never be able to rely on the driver’s talk rubbish. The best way is to stay in the hotel booking, certainly not outrageous. Because if they are too black, soon to be known to all, business is lost. 8 in the morning, the car came to pick us, packed after starting. Guatemala Belize road is not over, this country is full of mountains, the vegetation is very good, the way Bibb Liz and Mexico is sparsely populated much of cuba. At 4 in the afternoon, the car passed through the capital, Guatemala City, which is very big and modern, but we have no choice but to stay here. Because there is no point, and it is said that the public security is poor. Sitting next to the emperor is a white-collar workers from Brazil, two people talked about the problem of corruption. He said that although Brazil is a multi-party system, but the opposition is corrupt, it can be said that Brazil is completely corrupt. He also said that if you do not want to have a foundation in Brazil is absolutely not, you simply do not enter the circle. The emperor has made his own point of view: it seems that no matter what kind of political system, if the country is poor or is in a rapid development cycle, corruption is inevitable, and.相关的主题文章: